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Obesity is the result of following bloggers

According to Fars News Agency’s social group, Dr. Kermani, a physician in the field of nutrition and health, called the bloggers’ advertisements on Instagram a betrayal of people’s health and said: They promote low nutritional value and their maneuverability is based on price. You can even see this in TV commercials. “Foods with very low value and high amounts of simple carbohydrates are being promoted.”

Pointing out that this problem is not unique to our country, Dr. Kermani continued: “Unfortunately, globally, food companies, fast food companies and restaurants are endangering people’s health with false advertisements and investments. “They are increasing themselves.”

He went on to mention that cyberspace has become a scourge for people, and today, if bloggers advertise a cartoon, people will fall asleep !, adding: “Iranians have a strong desire for fast food and even work for It has reached a point where snacks include such foods. In addition to all this, inactivity has plagued the society. Corona and heavy economic pressures have caused that the vast majority of the society is not in a good mood at the moment. “Undoubtedly, this is one of the reasons that has reduced the desire for mobility and sports in society.”

“I can advise people to eat lots of fruits and vegetables during the day, regardless of their financial situation,” Have all protein and fiber meals; But will everyone be able to do that? Absolutely not. But the sad fact is that without these foods, many of the body’s needs will not be met, and I can simply say that the incidence of diabetes and various inflammatory diseases is rising.

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“Scientific research shows that the same carbohydrates, which unfortunately make up a large portion of a person’s diet, are a major cause of increased inflammation in the body,” he said. “I said it would also increase the incidence of cancer, which is the pain of society today.”

According to Dr. Kermani, foods containing complete protein have become difficult and even a dream for many families, and now, families are turning to foods that are lower in price and have fewer nutrients, more starch and more sugar. “They are saying that the use of this type of food in the long run will unfortunately lead to obesity.”

In the end, Dr. Kermani, while asking the government and influential people in the social space to plan for changing people’s lifestyles, said: “The most important factor for having a healthy life is changing people’s attitudes. People should not limit weight loss to changing the numbers on the scales. Unfortunately, losing weight is a short-term goal for many people; But we should consider it a blessing that keeps us healthy and happy all the time. A person who is healthy can think better. “His performance will be different in life from earth to sky.”

“I see fitness as a tremendous personal growth,” he concluded. “I do not mean that overweight people can not think, but by changing their lifestyle and preventing many diseases, we can spend more time and be less involved in treatment.”

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