Stock Exchange Forecast Tomorrow 6 Ardbisheht / Should we borrow with stock market shares?

According to Tejarat News, the stock market fluctuated at the beginning of trading today, but with a growth of more than two thousand units, it stood at the level of one million and 507 thousand units.

The homogeneous index was in the range of 405,000 units with a growth of 0.77%. The value of stock exchange and over-the-counter transactions also reached 5,175 billion tomans with a significant jump compared to the previous day.

“The majority of the stock market has a correction trend; But the market decline is out of the herd mode and the groups are adjusted in order. This means that the correction is done on time and the negative stocks also have a buyer. Finally, it can be said that the stock market trend is upward over the next three to four months.

Referring to the guarantee of loans by stock exchanges, he says: “The guarantee of loans by shares, bonds and equity shares can bring new liquidity into the glass hall.” This will increase the number of new investors in the stock market.

Referring to the history of loan guarantee by stocks, this capital market expert states: The issue of loan guarantee by stock exchanges was raised almost a year ago, but the stock exchange organization and the government practically could not do anything. If this issue becomes law, it is in the interest of the capital market.

The lawyer emphasizes: With this guarantee scheme, law firms can also enter the stock market and invest in it. A number of law firms want to have a secure investment, if they are sure that it is possible to guarantee a loan with a stock market investment, they will enter this market.

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“In general, the stock market is bullish,” he concludes. But it is possible that some of the new regulations or market news will temporarily decline.

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