Stock Exchange Forecast Tomorrow, April 29 / Will the stock market fall?

According to Tejarat News, the stock market fluctuated today and finally reached the level of one million and 475 thousand units with the growth of seven thousand units.

In an interview with Tejarat News, Nima Mirzaei says: “It is certain that tomorrow’s market will have a positive start.” But we will probably see re-releases in the second half.

He explains: “After the growth of the stock market in recent weeks, it is currently experiencing a fluctuating phase. This trend is expected to continue in the coming days.

He adds: “Given the relative increase in the value of stock exchange transactions, the current situation is likely to continue and we will see shares circulating among shareholders.”

Mirzaei states: The stock exchange organization has made good decisions in recent weeks in order to make the market more efficient. One of them is the payment of electronic dividends to assemblies. Micro shareholders are expected to be more motivated to attend meetings.

He continues: “Another positive decision of the organization was the gradual increase of the fluctuation range, which will reach positive and negative six percent from Monday in the first stock exchange and OTC market.” It is a bit far-fetched to expect a shock in the market and the emergence of sales queues. In addition to increasing the range of volatility, marketing has also strengthened, and given the market trend, I do not expect heavy buying and selling queues.

“Despite this, there is no significant change in the stock market,” the capital market expert concludes. The stock market has a good trend and with the successive increase of the fluctuation range, we will see the market become more efficient, more liquid and the excitement in the market will decrease.

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