Stocks are considered as collateral

According to Trade News, quoting IRNARegarding the financial assets of individuals and the execution of rulings in the State Property and Deeds Registration Organization, Majid Eshghi added: “When a court ruling is to be executed and the individual’s assets are considered as collateral, the certification of physical assets is usually time consuming and complicated.” Must go to the office.

But consider take stock It is being set up electronically as collateral and will be done with a request from the State Property and Deeds Registration Organization and according to the documents and legal permits.

Referring to the memorandum of cooperation with the State Property and Deeds Registration Organization and emphasizing the need to accelerate the registration of changes and developments in financial institutions And record shareholder capital increase Said with Accelerate In these matters, we see a reduction in financial consequences for company owners.

The head of the Exchange and Securities Organization stated: One of the problems of the capital market is that despite the two thousand financial institutions and companies in the Exchange Organization that are either accepted or supervised by this organization, but the affairs related to the registration of these companies are traditional. It is done, that is, if they have the necessary license, they physically refer to the Companies Registration Office, or the inquiries that the Companies Registration Office receives from the Exchange Organization are mainly in person.

He added: “An agreement is being pursued with the State Property and Real Estate Registration Organization so that these cases can be done electronically. Facilitate the process of raising capital so that companies can register their capital sooner.

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Eshghi added: “This action has a great effect because sometimes due to not registering the capital increase in due time, the symbol of a company may remain closed for 2 months and this is something that happens to people’s property and we try to do it by establishing electronic communication.” Accelerate affairs.

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