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supply of meat and dates to regulate the market in the citizen store

According to the report of Fars News Agency’s Shahri Group, Daud Ghorbin, the CEO of Shahrvand Company, stated; Customers can buy market-regulated fresh calf legs and thighs for 299 thousand tomans and market-regulated domestic cold-breasted mutton legs and thighs for 390 thousand tomans per kilo from Shahrvand stores.

He added: Also, according to the announcement of the commercial vice-president of Shahrvand company, 600 grams of market regulated dates will be sold at the price of 42,840 Tomans and one kilo of extra dates will be sold at 71,400 Tomans until the end of the holy month of Ramadan in the chain stores of Shahrvand.

Gharibin pointed out: The supply of hot red sheep and veal meat has started from April 5 in the branches of the chain store of Shahrvand and will continue until further notice.

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