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Take a look at “Mafia Nights” program; Promote lying in the form of a fascinating game

Fars News Agency – Art and Media Group: Today, “Mafia” is no longer the name of a cartel and a criminal group in American and Italian films. The word is quoted from our circles and the young people gather under the pretext of it. An all-encompassing western game that is miles away from our original culture, but in recent years, first the television and now the home theater network have raised their voices to promote it in the Austin community, and are desperately trying to copy something from the foreign version of what it means. In appearance – let us remember the western and gangster cover of the guests in “Mafia Nights” program – to feed this dangerous and harmful game in the absence of principled and innovative programming.

Mafia game in Iran from the 1380s under the name of Mafia and sometimes “thief and police” entered the dormitory and student spaces, and after a while it entered the commercial arenas such as cafes, and after experiencing the theater and television scene in Iran, Entered the Home Show Network. Mafia is a group game and can be played with two groups, Mafia and Citizen. At the beginning of the game, by voting for all the players, one person is chosen as the ruler or God. In this game, people are divided into mafia groups and citizens, and the battle between conscious and unconscious groups is simulated. In this contest, people are secretly assigned roles and the majority of citizens have the opportunity to identify mafia members and vote to remove them. This game takes place in two phases, night and day. The judge announces that it is night and everyone should sleep with this order and close their eyes. With the announcement of the referee, the mafia opens their eyes and kills someone together. After the announcement of the referee, the Mafia also falls asleep and the morning begins and everyone wakes up, at this moment, considering who was killed last night, there is a discussion about who the Mafia is. At each stage, one person is removed by voting. This game is repeated in the morning and night sections to win one of the two groups. This game is very exciting and engaging. In short, the ultimate goal of the Mafia game is to eliminate or, in other words, to improve the “citizens” by the Mafia group, or vice versa, to eliminate the “game mafias” by the citizens. Mislead and gradually remove people from the game.

Take a look at "Mafia Nights" program; Promote lying in the form of a fascinating game

These days, the name of this game is associated with the “Mafia Nights” program. “Mafia Nights” is a reality show by Saeed Aboutaleb, who has previously directed other TV competitions such as “Iranian Rally” and “Iranian Dinner” and is based on the Citizen and Mafia TV contest performed by Aliram Nouraei, which is broadcast on the Salamat network. . A series that is very different from its TV version due to the freedom of action of filmmakers in the home theater network. In “Mafia Nights”, in order to attract more audiences, instead of ordinary people, famous and sometimes popular figures of cinema, television and music have been used as participants, and women with heavy make-up, thick make-up, and strange western and gangster costumes are present. They have women who first play among themselves and then play men in the final, so that the filmmaker uses the repetitive trick of the whole man and woman, which is sometimes far from polite and violates the feminine dignity, in fact with ugliness. The elimination of intimate relationships with non-mahrams and the instrumental use of women to attract more audiences; Especially teenagers and young people who are very interested in knowing the true personality of actors and singers.

Take a look at "Mafia Nights" program; Promote lying in the form of a fascinating game

Saeed Aboutaleb, who has a special interest in making a reality show in the home theater space and breaking the restrictions of the national media, has copied this game away from a bit of innovation and localization, as his previous works, while the first and most important condition for successful modeling is culture synchronization. Is. When a foreign product is to be imitated, it must be in line with the effects of cultural issues on our ecology, but this does not generally happen, and not only are these copies inconsistent with the culture and religious beliefs of our society, but sometimes in clear conflict with moral teachings. And they are our religion.

Take a look at "Mafia Nights" program; Promote lying in the form of a fascinating game

The Mafia game is sometimes called the werewolf. Of course, there is a good reason for this nomination; Because the members of the Mafia show themselves in the role of quiet citizens during the day; But at night, they get out of this dress and show themselves on the other side. They have to lie to win, and the more skilled the liar, the better their chances of winning. This is one of the most important and undeniable injuries in this game. In addition to shedding the ugliness of lying, promoting the hypocrisy of this game promotes skepticism among members of society. The fact that we propagate an immoral act by playing in the form of a colorful and glamorous program and through famous and sometimes favorite players of the youth of the society, does not have a good response in the social acceptance of people by the media; Because we know that Islam is a religion of morality; A religion that always forbids lying and deception.

Take a look at "Mafia Nights" program; Promote lying in the form of a fascinating game

In addition to the dangerous nature of the game itself, the claim of knighting and seeing and accusing some players in this program is a widespread issue, and almost from the very beginning of the program, previous groups and even the audience of those parts of the program have raised this issue and The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; The actor’s fans are also forced to defend him, which means wasting the audience’s time and energy and confusing the society.

Take a look at "Mafia Nights" program; Promote lying in the form of a fascinating game

Unfortunately, the important thing that encourages our audience to watch meaningless programs such as Mafia is the lack of good and purposeful entertainment programs that can attract viewers with their educational goals. The justification for making such plans is that in the case of Corona, they have been able to entertain and keep people busy so that they can remember their problems and stay home longer; But it must be said that the purpose does not justify the means, and entertaining the audience at any cost and destroying the moral and religious values ​​of society is disgusting.

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