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Take control of your feed page with the Instagram Favorites feature

22 September 1400 at 16:11

The upcoming Instagram Favorites feature can give users full control of the Feed page to see whatever they like on this page.

If you are familiar with social networks, you have probably become familiar with the concept of “algorithm” during this time. It is a popular tool for automating the management and administration of online platforms. While algorithms make it easier for companies to manage their applications, there are disadvantages to using them; Especially when it comes to users and content producers on that platform. One of the biggest criticisms of the management method by algorithms is the loss of control and freedom in user choice.

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How does the Instagram post display algorithm work?

But now some social networking platforms seem to be feeling the negative effects of algorithms on users’ control over interests. A mobile developer named Alexandro Palozi tweeted a screenshot of Instagram Favorites feature And shows that Instagram is working on this issue.

Empowering users by Instagram

Palozi says this new feature allows you to prioritize the selected profiles to be displayed on the feed page. In other words, you do not need to see all the posts that Instagram offers you. You have to decide for yourself what is most important to you.

It is encouraging to see a huge social network like Instagram restoring the power of choice to the user. Instagram’s algorithm for what is displayed on your feed page is currently influenced by various factors such as post time, number of times it has been shared, number of likes and comments, and something called “signals”.

How to manage Instagram feed?

Instagram now offers users three different ways to manage feeds:

  1. You can select Close Friends. This is a feature that allows only certain people close to you to see when you publish your stories. Instagram can make these profiles the top priority of your feed.
  2. You can mutate people. This is a feature that allows you to disconnect from the user without the need to unfollow the user.
  3. You can decide to hide the posts you do not like and Instagram will try not to display similar content anymore.

What do you think about the upcoming Instagram Favorites feature? Does this feature give you more motivation to use Instagram?

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