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Tehran Municipality plan for citizens to become homeowners

According to the Fars News Agency’s urban group, Alireza Zakani, the mayor of Tehran, on the sidelines of a meeting with Akbar Nikzad Samarin, head of the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution, said:

He continued: “Based on this history, with the cooperation that is being done, the municipality will be able to work in the field of large-scale housing construction, facilitate the process of housing for citizens, facilitate the construction of social housing and provide rental housing for Citizens should take action to get out of this situation in Tehran, as the most expensive city in the country in the field of housing, and create a more livable environment for citizens.

The mayor of Tehran added: “With the understanding that was reached, we decided to have frameworks that will accelerate the construction of housing, especially in unstable contexts and in unsafe urban complexes.”

Zakani pointed out: “Also, we can have a specific zoning based on the construction of extensive complexes in Tehran and also cooperate in the development of urban infrastructure, especially in urban highways and complexes related to this area, as well as the metro.”

He added: “We can also take the situation to use the capacities of the Housing Foundation to create a housing movement.” We hope that the result of this work will help to improve life and break the unsettled situation in housing and rental prices in Tehran.

Revolution Housing Foundation Program for the Development of Tehran Metro Lines

Akbar Nikzad Samarin, the head of the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution, also told the Shahr reporter: The Housing Foundation and its subsidiaries are cooperating with the Tehran Municipality in various fields.

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He continued: “In this meeting, good agreements were reached in the discussion of cooperation in the field of infrastructure in Tehran, especially the construction and development of Tehran metro lines, one of which is currently being developed by one of the companies of the Housing Foundation.”

The head of the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution said: it was decided that in other metro lines, the Housing Foundation and its subsidiaries will take action and help to develop and complete it faster.

Nikzad added: in the discussion of housing construction in Tehran, it was decided to create more acceleration in the field of construction of units with a proper planning and in line with previous measures in this period.

He continued: “On this basis, it was decided that the lands desired by the mayor be introduced to us and studied and planned on in the Housing Foundation, so that we can soon see the construction of these residential units in Tehran to help the people of Tehran become homeowners.” Be.

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