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Tehran Prosecutor: Two people were arrested on charges of disrupting the pharmaceutical system

According to Fars report, quoting from the judiciary, Ali Salehi pointed out the need to deal legally with unauthorized sellers and said: following the lack of serum in pharmacies and after receiving news from information sources about the transfer of some serum from a pharmacy on Pirizou street to the place and Unauthorized storage, this issue was included in the agenda of this prosecutor’s office.

He stated that the necessary judicial orders to identify the defendants and the drug storage warehouse were issued to the Greater Tehran Command, which initially identified the storage location of the serums in a house in the area of ​​Sheikh Hadi and discovered 302 serums and delivered them to the university for expert examination and usability. Medical sciences became relevant.

Salehi continued: Subsequently, by carrying out intelligence measures, another warehouse in the same area of ​​Sheikh Hadi was identified and after issuing a judicial order and entering the place, more than 2,100 serums and thousands of illegal drugs and medical equipment and cosmetics were found. And smuggling was discovered from the said unit.

He said: “The investigation is still ongoing, and in this regard, two people were arrested and a judicial case was filed and sent to the 26th District Prosecutor’s Office.”

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