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Tehran Prosecutor’s order to provide more security for banks

According to Fars News Agency; Ali Salehi, Tehran Prosecutor, in the meeting of the “Tehran Province Judicial Resistance Economy Policy Implementation Headquarters”, referring to the problems in the banking system and the central bank and the solutions to them, said: “One of the most important obstacles is not allocating facilities to finance. Based on the allocation of 80% of the facilities to this sector and acting against the law by the banks.

The Tehran prosecutor continued: “In fact, investment of banks with people’s money in the form of affiliated companies, ownership of factories and companies as collateral and lack of proper management of workshops and as a result its closure and impact on employment and development of unemployment are other obstacles.”

He said: Lack of accreditation regarding facilities with large amounts to large enterprises and sabotage in the payment of micro-facilities under the pretext of accreditation to medium-sized enterprises and small workshops, establishing formal companies with single beneficiaries and obtaining facilities with mutual guarantees, payment of facilities Large legal entities with formal identity and lack of useful commercial and economic activity, and as a result of not receiving bank receivables, conducting unrealistic expertise on collateral, and as a result, not being able to acquire collateral at the confiscation stage, not supervising the use of facilities at the place of contract, lack of An efficient intra-organizational monitoring system in banks and non-disclosure of fines incurred in the process of obtaining facilities under the pretext of maintaining the bank’s credit, collecting receivables from movable property other than cash and acquiring immovable property from debtors, which has created other cases in the judiciary. Other obstacles are in the banking system and the central bank.

Referring to the solutions related to the banking system, Salehi said: “Inspection of bank branches by the central bank inspector and dealing with branches that pay most of their facilities only with employee guarantees and salary deduction certificates, determining support packages and incentives for Banks that have paid the highest percentage of facilities to manufacturing institutions and knowledge-based companies, consulting, managerial and economic opinion of the IRGC Deputy Minister of Information and the Ministry of Information in a short time to announce the response on the amount of credit and risk of payment of facilities to large economic and manufacturing enterprises And updating the by-laws of macro facilities and liabilities by inviting experts, including judicial officials, to review macroeconomic cases is one of the solutions to problems in the field of banks.

He added: “Also, defining certain criteria for identifying and referring the expert in assessing documents to the right experts, using both banking experts and official experts of the judiciary in announcing the progress of projects to pay the installments of facilities, obliging banks, financial and credit institutions to report crimes.” If crimes are detected in the banking network within a maximum of one month and handed over to the heads of the offending branches and referred the matter to the Board of Investigations of Banks, financing the production chain with targeted payment approach and preventing irregular injections and non-provision of services related to facilities on Thursdays It is one of the other solutions considered by many banks in this field.

Referring to the challenges related to the Central Bank, the Tehran Prosecutor stated: Calculating the debts of the Foreign Exchange Reserve Fund debtors at the reference exchange rate and evaluating their property at the daily rate, failing to assign the subject of the code and filing multiple cases Despite the inflammatory effects of these transactions in the gold market and the creation of exponential rates, the lack of serious attention of the central bank in gold and currency transactions and the ambiguity of the central bank’s policy regarding these transactions, lack of serious supervision in the activities of leasing and pre-sale companies. Automotive, investing the country’s cash and securities in trusted foreign banks and financial institutions is one of the challenges facing the central bank.

Regarding the solutions facing the central bank to solve the problems, he said: calculating the debt of the debtors of the foreign exchange reserve fund at the equivalent price of the received currency, preparing and submitting a bill to the government regarding the cryptocurrency bill and organizing the current situation by setting effective instructions. Judiciary, continuous cooperation with specialized officers in the field of gold and foreign exchange transactions and identification of disruptors effective in this field with financial and trading monitoring and cooperation in detecting and cooperating with security and regulatory bodies in identifying groups disrupting the economic system and making clear decisions about such Transactions can solve the problems of the central bank.

The Tehran Prosecutor continued: Amending the executive instructions on the establishment and operation and monitoring of the activities of leasing companies with an approach to the issue of resistance economy and what production, monitoring the rulings issued against the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran in other countries and international institutions with the cooperation of the Legal Deputy Islamic and maintenance of cash and securities with 2 criteria, reflection of any possible negotiations in the field of law and foreign investment to the Supreme National Security Council, serious monitoring of rent accounts of persons without qualifications for large transactions and suspicious financial transactions and reporting the issue continuously to Prosecutors across the country are another option.

Salehi emphasized: Tehran Prosecutor’s Office has had favorable support measures for banks, including receiving the claims of the banking network in the Economic Court before sending the case to court and preventing the imposition of damages and delays of the bank, which in 1400 alone exceeded 313 thousand and 228 billion. And we paid 272 million rials in bank claims.

He said: “We are ready to hold joint meetings between expert judges familiar with corruption in the banking network with bank managers based on the menus of the head of the judiciary.” We also invite bank managers to attend peace and reconciliation meetings, which are sometimes held for some cases, and we are prepared.

He said: “The serious demand of the judiciary from the banks is to have a serious involvement in creating the necessary facilities and paying attention to protection matters, especially the employment of guards.” We will definitely monitor this issue in the judiciary and we will deal with the managers who have neglected it. Banks are expected to take this issue seriously. It is worthwhile to consider two guards for each bank so that we do not see such incidents again.

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