Tehran Stock Exchange to be digitalized / When will the first phase be completed?

According to Tejarat News, when will the first phase of stock exchange digitalization be completed?

Young Journalist Club Wrote, Mahmoud Goodarzi said: “Currently, we are studying the electronic platforms and infrastructures of the stock exchange using the introduction of various intelligent systems, and part of it has been implemented.”

He says: With the increase of systems in Tehran Stock Exchange, feeds and inputs (input devices) that enter the system, refer information to each other and due to access to information, the decision-making process by managers and various deputies of Tehran Stock Exchange increases, in this The form of the Tehran Stock Exchange system is moving towards digital and the basis of our decisions is data mining and information.

According to the CEO of Tehran Stock Exchange, now the phasing of this work has been done and the technical infrastructure of the first phase will be done by the end of June this year and will be ready for operation. We are moving the Tehran Stock Exchange digitally towards digitalization.

“We need to set up an information pool to classify input devices in these pools,” he says. Until all new systems receive their feed from the bed of these information pools.

Last year, March 6, the Tehran Stock Exchange data center was put into operation, and now in the first phase, the capital market pillars use the data center, and in the next phase, OMS and other sectors that are interested in IT can use it.

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