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The 67th regional youth cinema festival in Yasouj

According to Fars news agency, citing the public relations of the Iranian Youth Cinema Association, the 67th regional youth cinema festivals aim to identify and introduce cinematic talents, establish the position of the short film as one of the important cultural categories with the approach of creating diversity and pluralism in all types of short films by emphasizing on film genres, will be held for 4 days from March 2 to 5, 1401 in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad provinces.

In this period of the festival, attention will be paid to local cinema and generic films, and artists from 10 provinces of Fars, Khuzestan, North Khorasan, Kermanshah, West Azerbaijan, Ilam, Lorestan, Markazi, Hamadan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyar Ahmad will be selected in the 67th regional festival. Young Cinema – Yasouj will be present.

Registration in this period of the festival will start on November 28, 1401 and will continue until January 14, 1401, and the deadline for registration and uploading works has not been extended and the registration site will be closed on the announced date.

Those interested can register for the 67th Yasouj Regional Youth Cinema Festival through /

Address of the secretariat: No. 20, 19th St., South Gandhi St., Vanak Square, Tehran, 67th Yasouj Regional Youth Cinema Festival

Postal code: 1517873811

Contact number: 86087603-86084863


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