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The beginning of the 15th festival of the regions of Iran/Kurdistan’s tambourine resounded with the music of the tribes

According to Fars news agency, on the evening of November 23, the art-loving people of Golestan province sat down to watch the performances of the music festival in the regions of Iran, while the music and singing of Mazandarani started the festival.

Muslim Fahimi group, accompanied by veteran lady Harmat Yousefi, went on stage as the first group. The members of this group performed memorable pieces such as “Del Qar”, “Lare”, “Nawabeh”, “Mazaron” and a Katuli percussion piece for the audience, while the performance of Mrs. Harmat Yousefi was well received by the audience. Muslim Fahimi, Yahya Qadiri, Ahmadreza Gholipour, Kaveh Kardegar and Daoud Mattouli were other members of this Mazandarani group.

After this performance, it was the turn of the Moradi daf band from Kurdistan, who came on stage and performed pieces in praise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Ahl al-Bayt (PBUH). The performance pieces of this group were taken from the original mystical music melodies. Mansour Moradi, Pouria Salamieh, Hamid Vakili and Mohammad Moradi were among the members of this Kurdish music group who performed and eulogized the Ahl al-Bayt.

Another part of the performances of the first night of the music festival of Iran’s regions was dedicated to Azeri music, which was accompanied by the presence of Azerbaijan’s Ashiq under the direction of Ahad Maleki on the stage. Before the performance, Ashiq Ahad Maleki gave a short explanation about the performance pieces and said: In this group, all of whom are famous masters, I would like to explain about Ashiq music, that in Turkish tribes, men are not the only ones who are lovers, and many female lovers are also working professionally. Each of them is valuable for themselves. There are two lady lovers in our group, and of course, lady lovers only sing in gatherings and for women. Vahida Sharifi, Horiyeh Rahimi and Faramarz Golzar Fard performed the pieces “Jiranim”, “Khater Lamani” and “Urdu Badi” for the audience, which was one of the few performances with the presence of Ashiq Khanum on stage.

The first night of the festival ended with the performance of a group from Afghanistan. This group, led by Hamid Masal and with the presence of artists such as Abdul Sattar Rasouli, Rashid Abbasi, Gholam Sarwar Azimi and Ebrahim Azimi, performed the pieces “What is Life”, “The World Passes”, “O Negar Man”, “You are going to become a legend” and “I have come”. They performed for the fans.

Finally, the first night of the 15th Music Festival of Iran’s regions ended with the performances of prominent minstrels of three provinces of Iran along with the music of Afghanistan. The 15th music festival of the regions of Iran under the direction of Mohammad Ali Marati in two sections “research meetings” and “stage performances” with the support of the music office of the vice-chancellor of artistic affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the cooperation of the Iranian Music Association and the General Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Golestan province from 23 to It is being held on November 27 at Fakhreddin Asad Gorgani Hall.

The beginning of the 15th festival of the regions of Iran/Kurdistan's tambourine resounded with the music of the tribes

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