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The fake mask of rationality on the faces of virtual celebrities/ when “truth telling” becomes a solution for public opinion management

According to Fars News Agency’s Radio and TV reporter, a special episode of Jahan Ara program on Monday night of this week with the presence of Amir Hossein Nasiri, a veteran of the defense of the Haram, was aired on the air of Oqaf Sima with the theme of national hero. Amirhossein Nasiri, the guest of Jahanara program, in this program, during a conversation with the host of the program, he discussed topics such as the exemplary humility of Haj Qassem Soleimani in his interaction with the fighters of the resistance axis in the midst of the war, the special attention of Martyr Soleimani to the families of the martyrs, the importance of liberating the city of Khan Tuman by the defenders of the shrine. And he spoke about the support of Western governments for Takfiri terrorists present in Syria.

During the conversation of the Jahan Ara program, Nasiri reviewed the memories of the martyrs’ struggle in the Syrian war and pointed to the events of these days in the country and said: In the past sedition, some celebrities said things that provoked and blood was spilled. For example, they say that a football player is a hero, but I don’t consider him a hero. These people provoke the youth with lies, their hands are stained with blood and they must be held accountable.

* “Fragment of truth-telling” prevents the expression of the truth

Among the media people, sometimes the method of partial truth-telling replaces the available images and videos of a particular topic. In the same way that news elements can be changed by selecting the news and published according to its purpose, it is also possible to change a piece of film. In many cases, we have seen that intersecting contents are shared in the virtual space and become the basis for the judgment of public opinion, which do not express the whole truth. In some cases, partial truth-telling can destroy the truth more than a big lie.

The statements of the guest of the Jahan Ara program were republished in the media in the same way as mentioned, after the broadcast of the program with the tool of intersection and only expressing a corner of the issues related to the former football player of Iran. An athlete who has set a clear example of perseverance and effort in the field of professional football and was named the national football scorer at the world level for many years. This time, however, “Mr. Gol” had scored himself without trying to reach the whole reality.

Depicting the role of destructive and contrary to national security of some well-known figures in the country’s recent unrest has not been a new issue in national radio and television networks. Celebrities who, with the mask of rationality, while surfing the waves of emotions and feelings of the society, in some cases directly provoked their followers by accusing the security forces of the country.

* Shahreha is a scout to promote fake news

At the same time, some of the users of the virtual space since yesterday, while rereading Ali Daei’s actions against national security in the disturbances of recent months, addressed the dual behavior of some media towards the virtual activities of sports and artistic celebrities. In a situation where the personal statements of the guest of one of the live television programs are considered “ill-considered” and “insulting”, most of the media had adopted a indifferent or silent position regarding the alignment of virtual celebrities with the separatists in recent months. But when it comes to reviewing the role of public security disruptors, they claim to comply with media and professional ethics in the face of inciting emotions and calling for violence by some celebrities, and the obvious call to violence remains out of their sight.

For example, the effective role of Ali Daei by publishing false news and inciting emotions after the death of Ms. Esra Panahi, despite the truth being revealed, has not yet been corrected by him. In the story of the death of the deceased Esra Panahi, after his mistake in publishing lies about the manner of Mrs. Panahi’s death was corrected by the family of the deceased, even if he found out the truth, he still did not stop being stubborn.

Just as the virtual celebrities who knowingly or unknowingly guided the soft field of chaos in the unrest after the death of the late Mahsa Amini, filled the street rioters’ magazine with the widespread publication of fake news on social networks and inviting them to participate in the insecurity of the street.

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