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The final exams of East Azerbaijan schools will be held in person – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr News Agency, Jafar Pashaei stated in the meeting of the East Azerbaijan Province Examination Headquarters: “Examinations are important as a product of the mission of the education system, and accurate accurate information and examination bags should be considered in order to eliminate doubts and prevent margins.”

The director general of education of the province, pointing out that the January exams will be held simultaneously with the rest of the country from January 2 to 27, added: “January exams mainly include the remaining courses of September.”

Pashaei emphasized that the observance of health protocols and strict supervision in this section is considered according to the coronary conditions, and announced the presence of the final exams.

He specified: the primary and secondary school exams have been present so far, unless a new decision is made and announced before the beginning or during the exams.


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