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The head of the national media apologized to the leader of the revolution in a statement

According to Fars News Agency, quoting the public relations of the national media, the Supreme Leader of the Revolution apologized for the negligence in a letter addressed to His Holiness, following a warning from the Supreme Leader of the Revolution about a clash with a recent success of the police force.

The text of the letter of Peyman Jebli is as follows:

“Your smile

Presence of Mubarak, Supreme Leader of the Revolution;


Your children heard your warnings and complaints in the national media. We apologize for the negligence and negligence and it will obviously be compensated. Undoubtedly; “We, your soldiers in the Radio and Television, always need your warnings and advice, and one of the characteristics of change in the national media will be the serious attention and diligent follow-up of His Holiness’s warnings and instructions.”

End of message / T43

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