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The Ministry of Health should be vigilant! | Fars news

According to Fars News Agency’s health correspondent, Hamid Souri, head of the epidemiology committee of the Corona National Headquarters, wrote in a note given to the news agency: Do not do things that need to be done at the right time and place.

Recently in the United States, despite the percentage of complete vaccination or two doses of about 55% (this amount is 14% in Iran today) in the last two weeks the number of coronary deaths per day to about 2300 (in Iran about 450 per day) and in some US states such as The situation is deteriorating in Kentucky, Alabama and Arizona.

For example, Arizona has seen a significant increase in about 120 coron deaths a day.

The reasons for this are a lack of attention to maximum corona vaccination in high-risk individuals, some Americans’ resistance to vaccination, the prevalence of new and integrated variants, the return of children to school, a reduction in state pressure to comply with protocols, and an increase in corona deaths in younger and under 18s. It has been years.

Are we aware of borders, traffic, declining protocols, reform of vaccination management, possible consequences of reopening schools and universities, and youth, adolescents, and children?

Remember that according to a prediction, this pandemic can turn into a childhood disease like measles, and preparation for this phenomenon is very important in the country’s health management.

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