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The Ministry of Roads has not yet prepared a brigade contract for housing cooperatives / Iran’s membership in the World Cooperative Union

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, on the eve of 11 July or the first Saturday of July, International Cooperation Day, Bahman Abdollahi, the head of the Iranian Chamber of Cooperatives, told reporters today: “For the first time in history, the Iranian Chamber of Cooperatives Director The General Assembly of the ICA has been in session for four years.

He added: “The cooperative sector in the world has a population of 1.2 billion people, which on average 12% of world employment is related to cooperatives.” In Iran, the share of the cooperative sector in the country’s economy is between 6 to 7% of GDP and 9% of employment is created by cooperatives.

The head of the Iranian Chamber of Cooperatives stated: The World Cooperative Union, based in Brussels-Belgium, has 110 member countries, and Iran became a member of the delegation for the first time. Director It is this union that we hope will be able to transfer cooperative knowledge to the country from this membership, as well as in interaction with international organizations such as FaoIloo and ICAO can provide significant services to the development of the cooperative sector in the country and the development of exports of this sector.

Abdullahi added: “In the countries of the world, even in countries with capitalist economies, large banks and large companies are members of cooperatives, so that some cooperatives implement projects worth $ 5.2 billion.” In our country, the cooperation sector has been approved and emphasized by the Constitution and the Supreme Leader with the help of the efforts of Martyr Ayatollah Beheshti and the inclusion of two Articles 43 and 44 of the Constitution, and unprecedented support for cooperation has been seen by the Supreme Leader.

Regarding the food and grain crisis and the role of cooperatives in providing food, he said: “The main part of cooperatives in our country is related to agriculture, which is 52% of the country’s cooperatives in agriculture and animal husbandry, and most livestock and fishery products are done in cooperatives.”

The head of Iran’s Chamber of Cooperatives also said in response to a Fars reporter’s question about how much employment the cooperative sector has created last year: “According to the latest statistics from the Statistics Center of Iran, 9% of the country’s employment is provided by cooperatives 7%. Cooperative capacity can also be used to create employment of up to 15%. Because creating jobs in the cooperative sector is at least 20 to 25 percent cheaper than creating the private and public sectors.

Asked what role cooperatives play in the implementation of justice shares, Abdullahi said: “For the past two years, the issue of liberalization of justice shares has been raised, although the previous government tried to eliminate the role of cooperatives in the implementation of justice shares and instead Provincial investment companies should be located and these companies should hold the equity portfolio.

He added: The value of the equity portfolio has now reached more than 750 thousand billion tomans, which is a very high figure Greatness It could disrupt the stock market, but since the 13th government took office, cooperatives have been set to play a role in managing equity stocks.

The head of Iran’s Chamber of Cooperatives said: “Out of about 48 million justice shareholders, 19 million chose the direct management method, while the general policy insisted that the people remain in the justice stock and about 27 to 28 million people remained in the indirect management method.” The Supreme Leader emphasized in three letters that efforts should be made to encourage the people to remain in the stock of justice.

Abdullahi stated: The shares of Adalat, which were initially worth 532 thousand Tomans, reached 8 to 10 million Tomans, and when some of them were released, some of them sold their shares, and after that, the value of these shares reached 25 million Tomans. The point now is for justice stock cooperatives to remain active, because we believe that if justice stock cooperatives are eliminated, then provincial investment companies will become meaningless, because these companies are selected by city cooperatives.

He noted: “Unfortunately, there are still some views in the Exchange Organization that want only provincial investment companies to be justice stocks, but last week at the meeting of the Supreme Stock Exchange Council and the meeting of the Supreme National Security Council, it was strongly emphasized that justice stock cooperatives should remain. Continue their activities with a focus on the people. In fact, these companies are the people’s advocates, formed by the people’s vote, and the people are the main owners of justice shares, so justice stock cooperatives should not be eliminated.

Regarding the role of the Cooperative Chamber in helping to develop exports, the head of the Iranian Chamber of Cooperatives said: “With the permission given by the Trade Development Organization, an Iranian trade center will be established in Russia, as well as Iraq, Pakistan and the southern Persian Gulf countries, especially Qatar and Oman.” We can help develop the export of Iranian products and cooperatives.

Regarding housing cooperatives, Abdullahi said: “Since the beginning of the revolution, 2.2 million housing units have been built by cooperatives and handed over to the people. Of course, there are problems, but their services should not be ignored.”

According to him, 6 months ago, in the presence of the President, we signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development for the construction of workers’ housing. Residential construction should be built in dilapidated areas, but despite the fact that we have notified the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development of 820 hectares of land, it still has legal work to do. کلنگ‌Women and construction have not started and cooperative housing is to be built for workers and other people in these areas.

The head of Iran’s Chamber of Cooperatives continued: “Unfortunately, our friends in the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, despite our follow-up, have not yet provided a brigade contract for workers’ housing so that we can start construction.

Abdullahi said: “So far, we have had 10 correspondences with the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to provide at least the format of the housing brigade contract, but after 6 months, they have not even given us a housing construction contract and our follow-up has not been completed yet.”

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