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The reaction of the psychological system organization to a news

According to the Fars news agency’s health reporter, following the publication of a news article entitled “Details of violations in the Psychological and Counseling System Organization were announced,” according to the head of the country’s Forensic Medicine Organization, the Psychological and Counseling System Organization published a response.

In this answer, it is stated: In recent years, many developments have taken place in the organization of the psychology and counseling system, and now it is the healthiest and most efficient profession in the country. Rule of law is the first principle of activity in the organization.

The information of the head of forensic medicine is related to the past, or biased people have given him false information. Alhamdulillah, the management of the past organization has been clarified and the existing gaps have been repaired. In the current situation, the members support themselves and are proud of their organization. .

The issue of the elections of the Central Council and the Board of Inspectors has been delayed for the past two years due to extra-organizational reasons, the will of the organization was not involved in it.

The organization has welcomed the bylaws of the board of ministers and the head of the organization has participated in expert meetings and announced the opinions of the organization in writing and in person, but unfortunately, it has ignored the promulgated bylaws of the members’ rights and the existence of the union, and even this board’s bylaws have been implemented so far. Ministers based on its articles have not been implemented.

In the joint meeting of the Minister of Science, the Honorable Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the head of the Shahid Foundation, the deputy legal assistant of the president and other representatives of the institutions in the cabinet, it was approved that the members of the central council, including the representatives of the ministers in the central council, cannot be members of the supervisory board.

Ministers should appoint new representatives because it is a conflict of interest, but both ministers’ representatives claim that we are members of the supervisory board. The Psychology and Counseling System Organization does not know about their position in the supervisory board, and they have not been introduced to the organization by the Minister of Science.

In the form of a self-declaration, responsibilities are claimed in the Central Supervisory Board. Another point is the announcement calendar of the elections of the Central Council and the Board of Inspectors, which was not carried out according to Article 12 of the Regulations of the Council of Ministers, because the elections were held with the proposal of the Central Executive Board after the approval of the Central Supervisory Board. It will be held on one of the official holidays.

For everyone’s information, the central executive board consisting of five people, two of whom are the vice-presidents of the organization and one is the representative of the central council, has not been formed yet, and such a resolution has not been proposed to the supervisory board. The announcement registration and the holding calendar are also illegal.

Proposing baseless and destructive issues during the elections of the Central Council and inspectors is not in anyone’s favor. Everyone’s record is clear and transparent. People should not consider themselves as competitors and appear in election campaigns in the media and use their government positions in the media. Use to destroy possible candidates.

If a person is a member of the supervisory board and destroys potential candidates, it is a violation, and if he is a candidate, now is not the time for advertising; This is also a violation. Therefore, the psychology and counseling community knows its employees well. Now, except for the psychologists and the offenders, the entire civilized psychology and counseling community supports the actions of the organization.

It is announced in the media that the basic and supplementary insurances have been approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Please show the approval to the members. The organization received the president’s order for basic and supplementary insurance more than twice, but the Supreme Council of Health Insurance said that it is not our priority.

Finally, for the clinical and health doctorate, they have put it under conditions that do not include psychology and counseling at all. Another point is that during the current management, the research assistant of the organization did not sign an agreement with a place in his own name, and this is not true. There is no superiority, this is the least expected.

We should not speak in such a way that we are a power beyond parliament, government and judiciary and not consider the current law of the organization as law. According to Note 3 of Article 15 of the Organization Establishment Law approved by the Islamic Council, “if the procedures for the next election have not been completed at the end of the election period, the members of the previous election will continue to operate until the new election is confirmed; the law is clear in this regard.” .

Alhamdulillah, laws have been approved in the Islamic Republic of Iran in such a way that there is never a vacuum of responsibility anywhere. The head of the organization is one of the members of the Central Council, who is the executive of the decisions of the Central Council.

Therefore, it is part of the pillar of the Central Council. The fact that they said that the current presidency was ruled based on “lobbying” is a complete lie, contrary to the government and the Minister of Health, Medical Treatment and Education at the time, they were looking for someone else, and for six months the government ruled the current presidency. He delayed it so that they could appoint their forces.

have assumed the responsibility of being the head of the organization based on a selection process; First, they are elected by the majority of the members, then they get the majority of the votes in the central council, and finally, the president implements his decision and they are changed or retained through this process.

Publishing incorrect content during the elections is considered oppression and most importantly, it is an insult to the intelligence of the psychology and counseling community. By God’s grace, the brilliant record of the current director of the organization in the last four years is clear and clear, and as soon as the organization has been raised, everyone is looking for it in an unusual way. They own it, it is the result of the hard work and efforts of the current unclaimed manager, who is attacked by psychologists, criminals and those who are not aware of the current situation.

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