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The role of the country’s innovation, advertising and media ecosystem in designing the media identity of the Ministry of Silence

boss Ministry Communication Center Samat emphasized the role of the country’s innovation and media ecosystem in designing the identity of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.

According to Shata, Hussein Born Qeshmi In the first symposium of the constituency Advertising The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade stated this, adding: “In the new and different approach we have taken, we will give more space to the country’s innovation ecosystem, and the Ministry of Silence will be the right source for the growth of the country’s innovation ecosystem.”

He stated that the owners of ideas and creativity of the country are gathered in this ecosystem, and specified: this capacity should be used optimally to Identity building And create a real brand for the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade to happen.

People; Audience Identity building are

boss Ministry Communication Center Pointing out that visual design and identity is in fact the creation of an identity image of macro approaches and the intellectual flow of identity in the mind of the audience, Samat added: The audience of this Identity building The people and the lower strata of society and the discourse are also the discourse of the government, the Islamic Revolution, and our literature is the second step of the revolution.

Born Qeshmi In another part of his speech, he considered the formulation of strategy and creation of identity including the two axes of creating intangible identity and creating tangible identity and said: intangible identity includes strategic and conceptual identity and tangible identity includes visual, verbal and sensory identity.

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Targets Identity building And brand creation in the Ministry of Silence

He also aims at this Identity building Creating an identity pointed out and stated: Creating an emotional effect in the viewer’s mind, informing the viewer about the main characteristics of identity and unifying the various aspects of a business using integrated design is one of the goals of this identity creation.

boss Ministry Communication Center Industry, Mining and Trade continued his remarks by pointing out that 90 large projects have been defined in the new transformation plan of the Ministry of Silence, reminding: 10 large projects have started in the first quarter, one of which is visual identity design.

Born Qeshmi Expressing that we are looking to create a new concept of the brand in designing the visual identity of the Ministry of Silence, he said: Culture in the charter of this brand includes the government’s transformation program, statements of the Supreme Leader and the second step of the revolution, the new government image and culture of service and accountability, work culture And employment (public view), the Government-Private Sector Dialogue Council, and the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Mining.

Socialization layer The second step of the revolution

He also stressed that we are in the second step of the revolution in the layer of socialization and our literature must adapt to the bottom of society: after the revolution, we will reach system building and state building, community building and finally civilization.

boss Ministry Communication Center Industry, Mining and Trade regarding the goals and priorities of the Ministry that should be considered in brand design, said: Among the goals and priorities are technology development, employment development, priority of knowledge-based production and export, attention to the private sector, promotion of value added share, Ecology is technology, productivity promotion, increasing the share of the country’s industrial exports, increasing investment attraction, increasing the efficiency of the distribution system and services, improving the share of mining and mining activities, market management, increasing the share of non-oil exports and new financing tools.

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Born Qeshmi Also, the redesign of the structure of the Ministry of Silence will be a turning point for Identity building New and designed a new visual identity in the ministry.

It is worth mentioning that the envisaged route for visual design in the Ministry of Silence using expert companies includes compiling the generalities of the plan, calling expert companies, holding reverse screws (reverse pitch), Receiving the proposal, selecting the executive team, concluding the agreement and contract, and controlling the project and execution, which is today with the presence of expert companies of River Peach (reverse pitch) Was held in this direction.

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