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The scammers gave the wrong answers to the students this time! / Narrative of advanced fraud with a mask

Fars News Agency – Department of Education: The final exams of the twelfth grade daily and adults, distance education and free volunteers, the theoretical branch of the second year of high school in the June exam of the academic year 1401-1400 began on June 1 and is being held.

So far, the twelfth grade students have passed the final exam in 6 days and in the subjects of religious education 3, Quranic sciences and education 3, geometry 3, mathematics 3, history 3, chemistry 3, Arabic 3, rules 3, health and hygiene, arithmetic 2, biology 3 , Philosophy 2, Physics 3, Math and Statistics 3 The final exam is held.

The next final exam will be held tomorrow, June 10, in Arabic, Quran 3 and Literary Science 3 courses.

* Ways to expose exam questions are closed

The final exams had not yet started when some opportunists and profiteers created various channels, claiming that they would provide the answers to the final exam questions to the students.

Of course, education has closed the way for exam questions to be exposed. Exam questions are designed and prepared in Central Quarantine, and designers remain in quarantine until the end of the exam.

These questions are given electronically and encrypted a quarter of an hour before the start of each exam to the head of the exam area, and the head of the area gives the file to the quarantine people who are responsible for copying the questions and will not be quarantined until the end of the exam. .

The copied questions are sealed and handed over to the head of the constituency 5 minutes before the start of the exam, which opens during the exam, and in fact, with this process, it is not possible to reveal the exam questions.

The scammers gave the wrong answers to the students this time! / Narrative of advanced fraud with a mask

* How fraudsters get students to answer questions

Scammers and profiteers also do not have access to questions before the exam begins, but their operations begin after the exam begins; In their channels, they introduce methods of cheating and teach cheating.

In the tools of fraud, from erasers, pens and smart watches to many other devices can be seen, which, of course, can be purchased at different prices from the second hand for 100 thousand Tomans to the new expression, which is from one million and 500 thousand Tomans to 12 million Tomans. .

After shopping, it is time for fraudsters to use fraudulent channels to teach cheating on their channels, telling students how to cheat in order to avoid being overlooked.

After that, it is only necessary for the students to prepare the cheating tools and take them to the exam session, and from this stage onwards, they will receive the answers to the questions!

The scammers gave the wrong answers to the students this time! / Narrative of advanced fraud with a mask

* The situation of students who cheat instead of studying

Students who trusted the channels of these profiteers and swindlers instead of studying have been hit hard so far; First of all, they have to buy the cheat tool, go through all the stress of getting the cheat tool into the test session, and only if the questions reach the profiteers and they can get the answers.

In the first few exams, a number of students who had cheated were identified, and not only was their grade zeroed, but they were referred to higher authorities to follow up.

Mohsen Zarei, head of the Educational Quality Assessment and Monitoring Center of the Ministry of Education, in an interview with a Fars News Agency education reporter, announced the identification of these students in previous exams and said: “A number of these channels were also identified and coordinated with relevant authorities to deal with them.” Action was taken.

He also informed the Committee for the Prevention of Fraud in Exams in Education and added: “This committee has also been formed with the presence of relevant agencies.”

The scammers gave the wrong answers to the students this time! / Narrative of advanced fraud with a mask

* Advanced cheat with a mask!

Some students work hard to cheat; For example, in one of the exams, the student had delicately placed the cheat tool on the mask and, of course, was able to pass the control in front of the door of the exam area.

But the exam session was identified. The head of the Education Quality Assessment and Monitoring Center of the Ministry of Education told a Fars reporter about this student: “The examiners are monitoring all the students and noticed the abnormal behavior of this student, who was identified in the same meeting and the cheating tool was confiscated.”

* This time the scammers gave the wrong answers to the students!

But what happened in yesterday’s final exam was a new story; This time the profiteers sent the wrong answers to the students who were cheating. Because they did not have questions!

Following the Center for Assessment and Monitoring of Educational Quality, the way for most fraud channels has been closed and it is not possible to send questions from the exam session. So far, the students who have cheated have been identified and their exam scores have been reduced to zero, while there are also fines!

Why some students cheat instead of studying; Fraud, which is associated with the stress and hassle of zero exams, is a topic that we will address in later reports.

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