The stock market was negative on the day of the initial public offering / the OTC market was positive

According to Tejarat News, the stock exchange experienced a decrease of 1,434 units today and finally reached the level of 1,521,000 units.

Decrease in the total stock index

Based on data Stock Exchange and Securities CompanyToday, the total homogeneity index increased by 0.34% and reached the range of 411,689 units.

Traders made 685,480 trades worth 62,143 billion tomans on this day.

Today, the symbols of Rampana, Kegel, Camels, Fakhuz, Shepdis, Topico, Parsan and Webmelt had the most negative impact on the overall stock index. Also, the symbols of Shepna, Tipico, Folaj, Jam and Khagstar had the most positive effect on the overall stock index.

The OTC index was positive

On Wednesday, the OTC index increased by 15 units and reached the range of 20,916 units. The number of OTC trades was 394,369.

Today, the symbols of Ghosino, Zagros, Vammel, Shepas, Detuzie, Madeira and Klor had the most positive effect and the symbols of Damavon, Shagoya, Saba and Khadizel also had the most positive effect on the OTC index.

The symbols of Fazr, Tusan, Kerman, Management, Gadna, Vakbahman and Manifestation were also called the OTC symbols.

The latest price of 137 symbols has increased by at least three percent compared to the previous day’s price and 53 symbols have been accompanied by a decrease of more than three percent.

The total value of stock exchange and OTC transactions reached a total of about five thousand and 960 billion tomans.

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