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How can we pray qadha more easily?

Family group: Prayer is an important duty of all Muslims, which must be performed in a timely manner. But if this does not happen for any reason, he will not miss the prayer and he must make up for it. One of our problems is the accumulation of qada ‘prayers, when the rain falls on our shoulders and we carry this burden with us. But with planning and simple methods, we can increase the desire to do so to both reduce the burden on our shoulders and pay this spiritual debt to ourselves.

In this report, we suggest some ways to make the Qada prayer easier.

Consider the qada prayer as important

You can have the motivation and energy to perform the prayers of your judges when the missed prayers become important to you. Consider the qada prayer as an important debt that you should clear it as soon as possible. Do not do extracurricular activities that you have always been bored with. So strengthen your motivation to start first.

Specify the number of prayers and the time interval

If you know the number of prayers of your judges, which is excellent. But if you do not know, you have no choice but to estimate. So write down your estimate number in a corner and try to divide it into different intervals and numbers.

For example, pray one month only at a specific time, such as the last hours of the night, two prayers in the morning. In this example, we said the morning prayer, because usually most of the qada ‘prayers are unfortunately related to the morning prayer.

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For convenience, you can also create a journal bulletin, which, although very helpful, requires skill training.

How can we pray qadha more easily?

Pilgrimage places are the best possible place to perform qadha prayers

Attending pilgrimage places increases our desire to pray. While attending these places, you can fill part of your spiritual activity by reciting the qada ‘prayer. Praying in places of pilgrimage is less tiring because spontaneously the desire to pray there is more.

To perform the qada ‘prayer, local shrines are the best option to visit it from time to time and perform part of the prayer that is our responsibility.

Read short and numerous

It is true that we must observe the order and etiquette of prayer in the qada ‘prayer. However, by reducing the number of dhikrs and mustahabs, the time for performing it can be reduced and more prayers can be offered instead. So, as much as possible, say your prayers while pronouncing short but numerous words correctly.

Read en masse

One of the rituals that the ancients performed when they gathered together was to offer various recommended prayers as well as qadha prayers. Doing a group operation together is both less difficult and sweeter. So you also suggest your friends to offer the qada ‘prayer and make an appointment together.

How can we pray qadha more easily?

Pray with daily prayers

Many people believe that it is easier for them to accompany the qada ‘prayer along with the daily prayer, and it is not necessary to have a separate time for the qada’ prayer. You can repeat the same prayer in each meal of the daily prayer with the intention of making up for it, or you can recite the prayer meal, which is more food, next to each prayer.

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Make qadha prayer a gift of your leisure time

Many times we feel bored. We like to do something that makes us feel better and saves us from boredom. Some choose to pray, eat, or even walk. But it must be said that reciting the qada ‘prayer may be a very good alternative for these times and it will definitely give you a very good sense of style.

So give this gift in your spare time, even with a few rakats, to repay part of your debt. There is no more pleasurable feeling than clearing up arrears.

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