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The Ukrainian president claims that Russia tried to assassinate him

According to IRNA on Friday from Time Weekly; “Russian paratroopers entered the area of ​​government buildings in Kiev in the early hours of the war on February 24 to find him and his family,” Zelinsky told Time Schoem, a two-week correspondent in Kiev.

Scattering his memories of the first few hours of the war on Thursday morning, Zelensky added: “After the loud airstrikes and bombings began, he and his wife, Olena Zelenska, woke up their 17-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son to get ready to flee.” .

The head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Andriy Yarmak, also told Time that the army had informed Zlensky that Russian paratroopers had landed in Kiev to kill or capture him and his family. We had seen the events of that night only in movies before.

Time wrote: The shootings took place late at night and at the same time with the beginning of the first day of the war around the presidential complex. The guards inside the complex turned off the lights and brought bulletproof vests, rifles and machine guns to Zelensky and about 12 of his aides and bystanders. The complex had completely turned into a crazy house.

The Russian military twice attempted to attack while the Zelensky family was staying inside the compound. Zelensky went to the courtyard the following night to record a video message with his phone, rejecting several offers to move to a safer place or the US and British proposals to leave the country and form a government in exile.

“At that time I was fully aware of my role in this war and I realized that I was under surveillance and I had become a symbol and I had to act and act like a head of state,” Zelinsky told Time.

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Earlier, there were reports from US and Ukrainian President Joe Biden’s government that Zelinsky was in danger of being arrested or killed as the “number one target” of the Russian military.

The Washington Post quoted a Zelensky aide as saying a day after the Russian attack that the CIA chief had warned the Ukrainian president during a January visit to Ukraine about the growing threat to Russia and his personal security.

In the early days of the attack, there were reports that Washington had offered Zelensky to oust him, but he had rejected the offer and asked the United States for weapons in order to defend his country.

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