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What are belly and side fat burning pills and what are the benefits?

Most weight loss methods have the same effect on all the organs of the body. If you have tried various methods, you know that dieting, walking, etc. will thin all the parts of the body and cause all the organs to shrink. You must have thought of the flawed method of obesity surgery as a way to remove fat patches. With that in mind, finding ideas that will help you get rid of belly and flank fat and have nothing to do with other organs is hard work. One of the methods used by bodybuilders and athletes is to take belly and flank fat burning pills. Of course, in the meantime, herbal fat burning pills also have many fans.

Abdominal fat burning pills, like other bodybuilding supplements, come in many forms, but the results are the same. All belly and side fat burning pills remove belly fat. At Positive Green, we want to introduce you to different types of fat burning bombs so that you can achieve your desired body as soon as possible.

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Causes of abdominal and flank fat accumulation

Different causes can cause fat to accumulate in the abdomen and flanks, and each has its roots in one of the following: We have divided these reasons into two categories: internal factors and external factors.

External factors

External factors are factors that can be different by the will of each individual.

Excessive food intake

Eating fatty snacks and foods can lead to obesity on their own, but cravings for meals and the inclusion of snacks in the daily diet will inevitably lead to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and hips.

Inadequate daily activity and calorie intake

The amount of calories needed varies from person to person. For example, a student who spends most of his time studying and sitting at a desk should not eat as many calories as an athlete who exercises several hours a week. The more physical activity a person has, the more calories he or she will definitely burn and the less fat he or she will gain. On this account, very little daily activity is one of the main reasons for the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and flanks.

Tobacco and alcohol consumption

Observations show that most people who smoke every day have more belly fat than others. Alcohol consumption has a similar effect.

Internal factors

Internal factors are factors that are not in the possession of the individual and are inherently associated with him.

Hormonal diseases

Some hormonal diseases have a direct effect on the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and flanks. Hypothyroidism is one of the obese diseases in which abdominal fat is common.

Stress is one of the hormonal factors in weight gain. Stress is a psychological process that leads to the release of the hormone cortisol. The hormone cortisol increases a person’s tendency to eat fatty foods such as pizza or high-carbohydrates such as potatoes. Some other diseases, such as diabetes, cause symptoms such as fat buildup on the sides and abdomen.

Genetic abdominal obesity

Many researchers believe that genetic abdominal obesity also exists. This means that some people become obese genetically earlier than others by eating certain foods.

Although the causes of abdominal obesity can be much more than the above, but it must be rooted in one of the above factors.

Ways to get rid of belly fat

Use the following strategies to burn fat around the abdomen:

Use a balanced diet

One of the best ways to burn fat in the abdomen and hips is to avoid it. No matter how much belly fat you currently have, you can prevent more belly fat from accumulating through your proper diet and daily activities. For example, avoid foods with trans fats. In addition, most abdominal obesity starts with the consumption of sugars and manifests itself in the form of lateral obesity. Reduce the daily intake of unnecessary sugars as much as possible.

Abdominal and side exercises

Those who suffer from localized abdominal obesity must have used strenuous exercise to eliminate it. Movements such as crunch, reverse crunch and… are the most common methods of abdominal slimming and they do not do much for you. In this particular case, power movements such as squats are more effective.

Try to choose exercises that help maintain muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Surgery to remove and drain belly fat

Many people who are overweight have tried different ways to lose weight, so they risk the risks of surgery to get rid of fat. Although this process has been helpful in some cases, it carries its own risks.

Use of fat burning supplements in the abdomen and flanks

Bodybuilding supplements are one of the best ways to burn fat. Many fat-burning supplements for the abdomen and hips help your fitness by having a rapid effect on your body’s metabolism. In the following, we will examine the belly and side fat burning pills and introduce the approved types to you.

Belly and flank fat burning pills

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Abdominal and side fat burners are a type of bodybuilding supplement that affects the body in several dimensions. One of the most important effects of taking fat burning pills on the body is reducing appetite. Although there are different types of pills, they all aim to control appetite. Abdominal fat burning pills and appetite control prevent overeating but still get enough food.

The story of fat burners does not end here. Some of these supplements help the body’s metabolism. Abdominal fat-burning pills, which usually contain L-carnitine, boost your metabolism and, along with a balanced diet, get you what you want quickly. Because exothermizing and increasing fuel in the body is a good way to reduce fat around the hips, some bodybuilding supplements use the same method to remove fat.

Reputable brands of fat and belly fat supplements

We are going to introduce you to some reputable bodybuilding supplements that help burn belly and flank fat.

Karen Abstop capsules

This product is marketed in the form of sixty number cans. In addition to controlling appetite because it is high in fiber and green tea extract, it is a fat-burning bodybuilding supplement. Abstop Karen capsules contain compounds that are useful for increasing the body’s metabolism, oxidation of fats and reducing cholesterol, and you should use it 3 times a day with food.

Abstop Karen

Golden Life coated tablets

This bodybuilding supplement is a kind of herbal fat burning supplement and has a great effect on reducing appetite. Diet and exercise also double its performance. Golden Lifting Burning Fat coated tablets use ingredients to control and reduce appetite and reduce the desire for sweets. This pill is licensed by Golden Life Australia.

Burning Ft Golden LifeBurning Ft Golden Life

Shard X Magnum

If you want to taste the natural and ideal supplement, we suggest you use X Magnum powder tablets for fat burning. These pills contain strong compounds such as green tea and green coffee that facilitate fat burning and contain L-carnitine (its most well-known use for fat burning). The ingredients in this pill, together, have a strong fat burning. You can buy X Magnum Fat Burning Pills through the website of Positive Green Company.

Shard X MagnumShard X Magnum

Tap Sapland Nutrition Capsule Capsules

Increasing your body’s metabolism and burning calories is the best way to lose weight. Katz Sapland Nutrition Capsule is an effective and exclusive product for the above. The capsule has the property of protecting your muscles, and its proper use, along with regular physical activity, accelerates the weight loss process and is a unique way to increase calorie burning.

Cats Terry Sapland NutritionCats Tri Nutrition

Price of belly fat supplements in Iran

In addition to quality, one of the most important factors when buying a belly fat burning supplement is its price. Cost-effectiveness as well as quality along with quality is a special advantage for such products. In Iran, due to the import of some supplements and also the instability of the exchange rate, the importance of the price doubles. To buy a useful fat burning supplement, you should consult with a professional so that you can get useful tips in this regard.

The price of belly fat supplements varies by type, brand and volume. Positive Green Company, one of the companies active in this field, offers belly fat burning supplements with the best quality and the best price in Iran. To see the price list of belly fat burning bombs, refer to the positive green site.

Are Abdominal Fibriller Pills Safe?

From the compounds in the pill, it can be determined whether the pill is somewhat dangerous, low-risk or safe. Manufacturers of flank pills include the ingredients on the packaging of all pills. Most of these bodybuilding supplements are safe for normal people. If you have an underlying disease or special allergies, you can use it with a doctor’s prescription. From the point of view of green positive experts, flank belly fat pills are reliable if they are made from a plant and under world-renowned licenses.

Herbal fat-burning pills for strong abdomen and flanks

Today, people are more inclined to use herbal medicines, and this is more noticeable for weight loss, and the tendency to use herbal fat-burning pills is more. Strong belly and side fat burners contain herbal ingredients without chemicals and are useful for some who are allergic to chemicals.

Herbs such as garlic, green tea, cinnamon, avocado, soy, turmeric, sage, and… have been used in strong belly and side fat burners, and herbs help increase metabolism. You can find herbal belly and flank fat pills by searching the site of Positive Green Company.

Strong belly and flank herbal fat burning pills

Strong fat-burning pills in pharmacies

Now the question arises which fat burning pill is stronger and where should we buy this pill? In pharmacies and drug distribution centers, there are different brands and combinations of fat-burning pills, and by reading the ingredients in the pill, which are written on the label, we can find out if it is strong, or consult a pharmacist.

You can also get advice from the experts and specialists of Positive Green Company online, by ticket or in person, and they will guide and introduce you to strong fat-burning pills according to each person’s body characteristics.

Comparison table of abdominal and flank fat burning pills

Product NameProduct volumeconsumption instructionCompoundsProduct formConsumer opinion
1Karen Abstop capsules60 piecesTake with each glass of water (3 capsules daily) with each main meal.Dietary Fiber – Glucosamine – Chitosan – Apple Fiber – Chromium – Choline – Inositol – L – Methionine – L-Carnitine – Caffeine – Green TeaCapsuleGood
۲Golden Life Coated Burning Tablets30 piecesTake one tablet half an hour before each main meal. – Gymnema – Coltus – Chromium – Vitamin B6 – Choline Bitartrate – Inositol – Garcinia tropical fruitTabletGood
3Shard X Magnum60 piecesTake 2 pills every day, one before breakfast and one half an hour before exercise.

(Please drink with plenty of water.)

Proprietary compoundsTabletmedium
4Cuts Sapland Nutrition Capsules120 piecesTake 2 capsules daily, one after breakfast and one after dinner.Proprietary compoundsCapsuleExcellent

last word

There are several ways to get rid of excess body fat, such as dieting, physical activity, surgery, taking fat-burning supplements, and so on. Athletes and bodybuilders choose to use fat-burning supplements to accelerate the process of losing weight and removing belly and flank fat.

You can also refer to the positive green site in this field to prepare fat burning pills on the side of the abdomen and receive these pills with excellent quality and affordable price.

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