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The useful work of teachers is higher than other government employees – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the correspondent of Mehr, this morning after nearly a month of vote of confidence Parliament Islami to Yousef Nouri as the Minister of Education of the 13th government, his first press conference was held with journalists.

He explained the program in this meeting های He transformed himself in this ministry and answered journalists’ questions.

Nouri at the beginning of the meeting while commemorating the memory of the martyrs Teacher And knowledge Learn And the martyrs of the holy defense era, pointed to the relationship between the media and education and said: According سندتحول We have four basic elements of the education process, including the family, government, the media, and non-governmental organizations.

He added: “Today, the power of communication has an irreplaceable role in strengthening the foundations of governments and in government and administration.” Anywhere The media came to the aid of the values ​​and anti-values ​​of that valuable society or Invaluable will be. Many evaluations of this institution have been done. Today in the media مان Gradually adopt wise, inquisitive and thoughtful behaviors of the media, especially with the education system می بینیم. If we want to سندتحول Let’s build a fundamental discourse, no doubt with help Media feasible می Be.

Regarding the presentation of the program های “If we want to create a discourse somewhere about the document of fundamental change, the role of the media is clear,” he said ها It is important. Education is a device that runs a program هایش It takes national determination to make the most of this Determination Make media ها می Can follow. So from the media ها I want that Anywhere If they see a weakness, especially to establish a document of fundamental change, express it critically.

He thanked the president and members of parliament for their good faith in entrusting him with the responsibility of education and said: “The relationship between the education system and production, the promotion of culture and social norms is a direct relationship with anomalies.” ها And deviation ها It is an inverse and indirect relationship.

The Minister of Education stated: Education is a system that requires national concern and determination.

Nouri said if education is like a machine های Let’s see, no problem will be solved, as the leadership said that education is a bit The song All devices.

He stated: The relationship between education has always been directly related to production, promotion and culture and social norms, and with anomalies. ها Had an inverse relationship.

Nouri stated: The education system in improving the level of public health, the importance of the environment, road casualties, employment and production Net role It’s great.

The Minister of Education clarified: We have knowledge Learn To be a person in the future Effective Be training می do. If the conservatory های What a string های Have a good 80% of our students attracted to the job market می To be.

The Minister of Education stated: The more we strengthen education, the more we deviate from society ها fewer می Be. The education community is huge. We should all be sensitive to this issue.

He remembers کردن From Martyr Soleimani and features های He paid homage and said: “School means people like Martyr Soleimani.”

Nouri continued: There must be a field های Six To achieve great goals, one of which is entrepreneurship and employment. It is necessary to pass from the one-dimensional system to the education system Multi-area Let’s reach. If the string های school of Art ها Well chosen will surely attract a large number of labor market می To be. Creating literacy, not nominal and functional literacy but multidimensional literacy is very important and the education system should Hijrat That we definitely have a plan for. Our colleagues have already started this path اند Which is slow and we have to go through it more quickly and other solutions.

“Teacher,” he said Acceptable Most The stratum of government employees is and throughout سالیان This issue has been clarified a lot. The most important element in the document of fundamental change is to reach him well and see him well.

“I hope we can be grateful to the teachers,” he said, noting that their useful work is higher than that of government employees.

He points out that his program Previously Presented in 5 axes ام He said: “We have obtained a permit for 34,000 jobs for the border areas so that we can do something in the border areas, which have not been in a good condition for a long time due to the lack of distributive justice.” In the budget as well Per capita this part ها We took it seriously.

He stated: Method های Conventional rehabilitation assessment It is not about promoting teachers, but about an effective evaluation method that moves the school from one stage to another.

Nouri said: the ranking system has changed significantly with what was approved in the parliament.

The Minister of Education said: My advice is to Side Let’s talk about charity and endowment; This move ها We must pay attention to the necessary areas.


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