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Three books of Surah Mehr are adapted for the production of the series – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the public relations of the Cinema Organization of Hozeh Honari, Vahid Panahloo, the director of the serial production center of the Soura Cinema Organization, has adapted three books: Memoirs of “Abbas Havashmi” and “Matikhan” announced the production of the series.

Announcing this news, he said: “According to the memorandum signed in 1400 between Soureh Cinema Organization and Soureh Mehr Publications on granting representation the right to any adaptation or retrieval of Soureh Mehr Publications, in the first step three books” Christian Era “were written by Kianoosh Golzar Ragheb, “Sri Nusrat Camp; Memoirs of Abbas Havashmi “by Abbas Havashmi and” Mati Khan “written by Abdul Rahman Onaq and published by Surah Mehr Publications were selected.

The director of the serial production center of the Soura Cinema Organization continued: “Preparations for the adaptation of these three books began in the fall of 1400, continued in earnest, and are currently in the final stages of writing a screenplay for serial production.”

Referring to the names of the authors of these three works, Panahloo said about the main factors of this project: Ahmad Ali Sajjadi, Sadr, Mehdi Sajjadeh, and Nazanin Ismailpour, respectively, the authors of the works of “Christian Era”, “Sri Nusrat Camp; The memoirs of “Abbas Havashmi” and “Matikhan” are for writing the script and we are currently negotiating with other agents. Also, according to the conditions of the projects, we enter the pre-production stage and then the production of one of these works.

In the end, the director of the serial production center of the Soura Cinema Organization spoke about the content of these three books: These works narrate three different spaces in three different historical periods. “Christian Era” is the memoir of a recently martyred Kurdish freeman. “Mati Khan”, whose story is related to the first Pahlavi regime, refers to the settlement of Turkmen tribes in the border region along the Atrak River. Also “Sri Nusrat Camp; Memoirs of Abbas Havashmi “also examines the role of Sardar Shahid Ali Hashemi in this camp by examining the process of formation of the secret Nusrat base during the holy defense.

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