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According to Tejarat News, with the relative retreat of the dollar, the power of stock market buyers has decreased a little. On the other hand, it seems that the negative excitement caused by the policies of the new head of the central bank has decreased, and on the other hand, with the publication of the details of the budget bill and the increase of the exchange rate, albeit a small one, the balance between buyers and sellers has been established.

At the end of yesterday’s trading, the main index of the Glass Hall decreased by 0.12%, 1,910 units, and reached a height of 1,591,373 units.

On the other side of the market, where the equal-weight total index is the same representative of all the active trading symbols of the market, it acted against its counterpart and took a step in the green direction of the capital market.

At the end of Virooz’s trading flow, the total weighted index grew by 0.48%. This growth increased the height of this index by two thousand and 281 units and placed it in the range of 475 thousand and 417 units.

What do the market figures show?

The positive point of yesterday’s market was the relative increase in the value of transactions. The value of Tuesday’s retail trades (stocks + preemptive rights) was in the range of 8,603 billion tomans to increase by 23% compared to the value of the previous day’s trades.

Investigating the ownership statistics of real people indicates the withdrawal of these people’s capital from the stock market. The capital inflow and outflow index reports that 242 billion tomans of money were withdrawn from the stock market last day.

The map of Tehran Stock Exchange yesterday showed the balance between the power of buyers and sellers in the market with the presence of 272 green symbols and 356 negative symbols. The dollar value of Iran’s capital market equaled 261 billion dollars at the end of trading on Tuesday.

Today, there are several signals for shareholders, and the forecast of the stock market today, from the eyes of experts, is a balanced trading condition between supply and demand.

The handing over of the magpies was put on the agenda

Hossein Gurbanzadeh, the head of the privatization organization, said: In the meeting of the high commission of transfer, the terms of the transfer of 51% of the shares of Esteghlal and Persepolis clubs were approved at once or three blocks of 17% at the same time, at the discretion of the privatization organization.

Determining the conditions for the transfer of 51% of the shares of these two clubs can have a positive but small effect on the trading conditions of these two symbols.

Ambiguous valuation of Esteghlal and Persepolis clubs before their listing on the stock market is the main reason for the successive price drops of these two symbols.

At that time, the value of Esteghlal and Persepolis was announced as 2,780 billion tomans and 3,210 billion tomans, respectively. Calculating these numbers with a dollar rate of 39 thousand tomans indicates that the value of Esteghlal was 71 million and 282 thousand dollars and Persepolis was 82 million and 307 thousand dollars at the time of release.

The strange thing is to compare these numbers with the market value of European teams; So that the value of these two Iranian clubs, which don’t even have their own stadium, was higher than professional clubs such as Lazio, Sporting Lisbon, Braga and Porto at the time of the stock exchange!

Will the supply of Iranian cars increase in the commodity exchange?

In line with the market demand, Iran Khodro Industrial Group has increased the supply of cars on the commodity exchange, and soon more than 10,000 units of this company’s products will be available on the commodity exchange every week.

In addition to the effect it has on the price balance in this area, the supply of cars in the commodity exchange will transfer profits from the pockets of dealers in the car market to the manufacturer and thus to the shareholders.

Are the JCPOA negotiations still alive?

Ali Bagherikani, Iran’s chief negotiator: There was no break in the course of the negotiations and the continuity of the negotiations has been maintained. Bagheri believes that Iran continues to emphasize its logical positions in the sanctions lifting negotiations and Iran’s logic has been accepted.

JCPOA negotiations have always had a direct impact on the trading conditions of the Tehran Stock Exchange. The statements of the Iranian side are at a time when the position of the European side of the negotiations does not seem to be in the same direction. In any case, capital market activists should carefully follow the JCPOA negotiation process.

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