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According to Tejarat News, the Tehran Stock Exchange was green on the first day of this week. Most of the market groups saw an increase in the volume and value of transactions on this day and moved in the direction of growth. In this way, the total index of the stock market was on the verge of re-entering the channel of 1.6 million units, and the total equal weight index was closer to the channel of 500 thousand units.

Yesterday, the capital market ended its work while the total stock market index stood at a height of 1.598 thousand units with a growth of 18 thousand and 939 units and went up by 1.20%.

On the other side of the market, the equal-weight total index, which represents the small and medium-sized symbols of the market, also went up by 8,924 units and reached the level of 482,124 units with a growth of 1.89%.

Capital market experts believe that although the stock exchange will witness some fluctuations, it will face a positive atmosphere due to the growth of the inflation outlook, the increase in the price of the dollar and the emptying of the stock price bubble in recent months.

The surrounding news of the country’s capital market and macroeconomics also have new signals for stock market transactions.

Half signal to the stock market

Seyyed Ahsan Khandozi, Minister of Economy: “The government is not looking to stabilize the exchange rate at a specific figure, but is looking to stabilize the currency market around the Nima system.” (audio and radio)

Since last Thursday, when Mohammad Reza Farzin was introduced as the head of the central bank, stock exchange companies have been struggling with the mystery of the half rate.

In the early hours of assuming his new position, Farzin had announced the freezing of the price of half a dollar at 28,500 tomans, which is a dangerous shock for stock companies. Now it seems that the economic group of the government has withdrawn from this unprofessional decision and plans to adjust its currency policy. This approach can be seen as a positive signal for the capital market.

The psychological effect of the growth of the free dollar

Although the calculation of the performance of stock companies is based on the semi-dollar, but the effect of the free dollar on the stock market cannot be ignored.

Due to its psychological effect on the country’s economy, the free dollar always sends different signals to the stock market depending on the rise or fall of its price.

It has been two days now that the free market dollar has started a new round of ascent. In this way, it seems that according to the long-standing tradition of the stock exchanges, this time also dollar symbols will be noticed by traders. At the same time, Riyal symbols such as banking and car symbols are also attracting the attention of traders these days.

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