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Top 3 Emergency Advisor Tips for People for “Vaccination”

According to the health reporter of Fars News Agency, Peyman صابریان The head of the country’s emergency department, noting that the speed of vaccination has improved, said: “Colleagues are present at the vaccination bases to provide the necessary services quickly if something happens to people during the vaccination.”

He is active in 18 vaccination centers Emergency In Tehran, he announced and said: کارThe working hours of these centers are from 8 am to 9 pm, and if necessary, we can operate these centers around the clock.

The head of the country’s emergency department said that 10 points have been located in Tehran to establish a vaccination base, adding: “Necessary arrangements have been made throughout the country and we can establish a vaccination base in blind spots.”

صابریان Referring to the necessary arrangements that people should consider for vaccination, he noted: People should not go to vaccination centers for vaccination on an empty stomach and should eat breakfast or light food. Also, stay in the centers for a short time after vaccination. And further refrain from strenuous physical activity.

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