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Traditional medicine | When is it forbidden to drink milk? / Ibn Sina talks about the properties of milk for the skin

Life group: Is eating milk a part of your eating habits or not? For years, the audio-visual media has been trying to make it clear to everyone that drinking milk helps their health and prevents disease. But perhaps in recent years there has been no mention of traditional medicine’s views on the properties of milk. Traditional medicine, as always, has something new to say about it. Unspoken professions that are hidden behind the prescriptions of modern medicine. As always, traditional medicine tips and attention to different temperaments are very important in using this food. If you want to hear new news about the properties of milk from the perspective of traditional medicine therapists, join us in this report.

* Each milk is composed of three inks

The sage “Mohammad Kazem Gilani” has stated in the book “Memorization of Nasiri” about the nature of milk: . “The absolute nature of milk is warm in the first and wet in the second, and according to the dominance of each of the three inks, its nature varies in warmth, cold, wetness, dryness and moderation.”

* Duel of traditional and modern medicine

Traditional medicine and modern medicine disagree about the benefits of milk. Unlike traditional medicine experts, traditional medicine experts do not believe in drinking milk daily and warn consumers of this food that from the point of view of traditional medicine, milk is one of the foods that should be consumed in accordance with the age and temperament of people, why? Irregular consumption of milk may cause dysfunction of internal organs. However, nutritionists and modern medicine experts have different views and consider drinking milk daily necessary for all age groups.

Traditional medicine | When is it forbidden to drink milk? / Ibn Sina talks about the properties of milk for the skin

* Who does traditional medicine forbid to drink milk daily?

Who can drink milk every day? Dr. “Mohammad Ibrahim Ebrahimi”; Regarding the properties of milk and the ifs and ifs of drinking it, the doctor of traditional medicine says in an interview with Fars: “They have a lot of sputum, for example, phlegm or bile is predominant in their body.

Dr. Ebrahimi explains further: “People who have a lot of phlegm in their stomachs, that is, they have symptoms such as full mouth, white face and slow digestion of food. If they consume too much milk, their phlegm will increase and in This condition causes them to suffer from increased sputum. These conditions also occur for people whose body sputum is bile and tail and cause problems for them, so milk consumption should be done with the advice of a traditional medicine specialist and people with sputum should be after cleansing and balancing. “The body should consume milk, otherwise their improper use is not only useless, but also causes various problems for the body.”

When is breastfeeding prohibited?

You may be in the habit of eating milk with eggs for breakfast, or pour egg yolk on your rice while enjoying chelokbab and enjoy eating it, but it is not bad to know that combining milk with eggs, Red or white meat causes heaviness in the stomach and obstruction of the digestive organs, causing constipation. Referring to this important point, Dr. Ebrahimi says: “Now, if this person is a pregnant or lactating woman and wants milk with meat, it will transmit this constipation and heartburn to her baby, so it is recommended that when you are breastfeeding, be sure to take it one hour apart.” “Then go for foods made from meat and eggs, and if you eat meat or eggs, wait 3 hours for the food to be digested and then drink milk so that you can benefit from its healing properties.”

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Traditional medicine | When is it forbidden to drink milk? / Ibn Sina talks about the properties of milk for the skin

*cow milk; It is the best milk

Experts in traditional medicine believe that animal milk that is close to the time of human pregnancy is the most suitable milk in terms of nutrition, so cow’s milk, which is nine months pregnant, is more suitable for human and especially infant feeding than other milks. Dr. Ebrahimi says: “In traditional medicine books, wherever the word ‘absolute milk’ is mentioned, it means cow’s milk, which is dominated by fat (fat) and is more concentrated. People with a dry temperament, which affects some of their brain activity, can experience easier sleep by drinking cow’s milk and absorbing its moisture. “It is because of this that drinking cow’s milk helps people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, melancholy, forgetfulness and insomnia to overcome these disorders.”

* Treatment of osteoarthritis with goat milk

Although goat’s milk is widely and industrially less available to the public and only people living in rural areas can access it, in some European countries this milk is easily available to citizens and even in the form of powdered milk. Also available in supermarkets. Not bad to know that goat milk has amazing properties. Explaining the properties of goat milk, Dr. Ebrahimi says: “If fresh watermelon is consumed with fresh black figs that you go in the summer, it can have a great effect in reducing the pain of arthritis, rheumatism and joint diseases. “If you do not have access to fresh goat’s milk, you can prepare goat’s milk powder, mix it with dried black figs, and use the healing properties of this medicinal food by adding water to the milk or soaking the figs in water.”

* Donkey milk; The most expensive milk

Donkey milk is one of the coldest lions in nature. This milk has many healing properties if it is made from a donkey whose butter is female. It is interesting to know that donkey milk is one of the most expensive milks in some European countries such as Poland and some Spanish-speaking countries such as Peru, which is used daily. In some ancient texts, it is mentioned that if donkey milk is put in the nose before going to sleep, it will improve the quality of sleep and its depth. It is somewhat cured. People with toothache can also relieve their pain by spinning this milk. In addition, historical and traditional sources state that some sultans in the past bathed with milk thistle to maintain the vitality and freshness of their skin and used it to treat and relieve pain caused by tuberculosis.

Traditional medicine | When is it forbidden to drink milk? / Ibn Sina talks about the properties of milk for the skin

* Do not neglect rice milk / increase fertility with rice milk

In ancient times, eating rice milk in winter was a eating habit; The food habit that we neglected these days and replaced it with fast food and harmful foods. But traditional medicine emphasizes putting rice milk in the winter food basket. “Rice milk has laxative properties and is a good sedative for people with intestinal ulcers and constipation colitis,” says Dr. Ebrahimi. In addition, people who decide to become obese can achieve their desire by eating rice milk or porridge made from fresh cow’s milk and containing walnuts and dates. Even rice milk and porridge can increase male fertility. In some texts of traditional medicine, it is mentioned that eating rice milk or porridge with these characteristics increases sexual power in men. “Of course, you should not consume more than a glass of rice milk or porridge during the day, because excessive and excessive consumption of this delicious food can cause kidney stones and skin diseases such as leprosy.”

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Traditional medicine | When is it forbidden to drink milk? / Ibn Sina talks about the properties of milk for the skin

* Women should sing / Ibn Sina talks about the properties of milk for the skin

Many parts of Abu Ali Sina’s law book are dedicated to the properties of milk. In a part of this book, it is stated about the properties of milk for human skin: “If milk is rubbed on the face, it removes ugly effects. Drinking milk is very useful for the beauty of the color, but sometimes it causes white spots on the face, but in this regard, camel milk is very good and there is no fear of staining. If milk is consumed with sugar, it makes the color very beautiful and women especially benefit from it. Many people are relieved by drinking milk, bad breaths, and rashes, redness, and redness of the skin, as long as the milk drinker does not have anything in his temperament that spoils the anti-milk and turns it into yolk. »

* Traditional medicine views on the best type of cow’s milk

Did you know that the way sheep and cows are kept and fed affects their milk and their properties? The traditional healer gives interesting explanations in this regard; “The milk of animals that eat dry and fragrant grass and graze in the deserts and do not stay in a fixed place is thinner and softer than the milk of animals that are in a fixed place, they are closed and fed, especially if the animal fodder is from oilseeds and oilseeds.” It is a seed, in which case the animal’s milk becomes very thick and full of feces and causes stomach pain. For this reason, those who are prone to colic should seriously avoid eating such milk. People who have white spots on the body, get this headache or fever from eating this type of milk, and also those who vomit as a result of eating milk should avoid eating such milk. Of course, with the development of urbanization, the type of milk consumption has changed these days, and many people do not know whether the packaged milk they buy from the supermarket or the bulk milk they buy from dairy stores is good or not. “But knowing this information is not without grace.”

* In the mirror of narrations

Imam Ali (AS): Drinking milk is a cure for any pain, except death (Baharalanvar, Volume 66)

The Holy Prophet (PBUH): The cure for your diarrhea is in camel milk. (Kinz Al-Amal, Volume 10)

Abolhassan Isfahani quotes: I was with Imam Sadegh (AS). While I was listening, a man said to him, “Let me be your intercessor!” I feel weakness in my body Imam Sadegh (AS) said to him: The wind is milk on you, because it grows flesh and strengthens bones. (Al-Kafi, Volume 6)

Imam Sadegh (AS) says in another narration: For sore throat, we have not found anything like drinking milk. (Baharalanvar, Volume 62, Page 182)

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