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Tutorial: How to create multiple accounts in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, but it has been lagging behind its competitors in terms of some advanced features. However, WhatsApp is constantly reducing this lag and responding to the demand of its growing users.

According to Aetna from Isna, this messenger took a big step early this year and allowed its users to use one WhatsApp account on multiple devices. WhatsApp now allows users to access two accounts from one device, which will revolutionize the experience of using this messenger and allow them to maintain separate work and personal accounts.

This feature, which was introduced by Telegram years ago, had been available to WhatsApp beta users for some time, but now it has entered the stable channel.

Although WhatsApp has used the word “multiple accounts” in the announcement of this news, but for now, users can only access two accounts on one device.

Considering that every WhatsApp account is linked to a phone number, it seems that this application has limited the access of users to two accounts in one device. This limitation is in line with the technical limitations of most phones, which usually do not support three SIM cards at the same time. However, people who need two different WhatsApp accounts will have a different experience with this change.

How to add a second WhatsApp account?
The process of adding a second WhatsApp account is simple. For this, you need a second phone number and a SIM card in your device. This SIM card can be physical or electronic based on the capabilities of your phone. For this purpose, you must:

1- Open WhatsApp.

2- Go to the settings section.

3- Click on the arrow next to your name.

4- Click on add account and follow the provided instructions to create a second profile.

5- You can set privacy and notifications for each account.

According to the Gizchina website, if you don’t see a flash next to your name, check the Google or Apple app store to get the latest WhatsApp update. This update may be delayed for your phone as most updates are often delayed.

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