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UN official: Hunger is a major issue in the world today

“The G7 should increase humanitarian aid to address the global hunger crisis exacerbated by the war in Ukraine,” Martin Frick, director of the UN World Food Program in Germany, was quoted as saying by Reuters.

“Hunger can destabilize countries, so it plays a key role in maintaining world peace and security,” he said, noting that current food price inflation in 36 countries is more than 25 percent.

“This year, the World Food Program may not be able to provide more than half of the $ 21.5 billion it needs, so it needs more help,” the senior UN official said.

“We must all come to a common understanding that this crisis can no longer be solved by patching, but the existing system must be reformed,” Frick said.

The G7 summit in Bavaria, Germany, kicks off on Sunday as the United Nations warns of an unprecedented global hunger crisis following rising inflation.

The Group of Seven launched a program in May called the Global Alliance for Food Security, and food security is expected to be on the group’s agenda on Sunday.

According to IRNA, the drought, the consequences of the corona along with the war in Ukraine have reduced world food production and supply and rampant inflation. Experts warn of the social consequences and instability of rising prices in poor countries, especially in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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