Uncertainty of a plane in Anbar / 309 billion Tomans of medicine was destroyed

According to Tejarat News, the head of the Proprietary Property Organization, referring to the lack of assignment of vehicles to the organization, said that the assignment of the plane that remained in one of the warehouses is also unknown.

According to ایسناToday (Sunday), Ijtihad, the head of the Property Ownership Organization, explained the latest status of the property assignment in the possession of the Property Ownership Organization.

The condition of the cars is unknown

“We have prepared a list of all cars, motorcycles and even heavy machinery,” said Ijtihadi, referring to the situation of more than 2,000 vehicles that have been provided to the organization in the past.

In any case, there are all kinds of Iranian and foreign smuggling among the cars, some of which cannot be numbered, sold or auctioned. In the case of foreign cars over 2500 cc, which can not be numbered, they must be sold on the condition of re-export.

He pointed out that before the promulgation of the law amending the law on combating smuggling of goods and currency, there was a proposal that these cars could be handed over to the Free Zones Organization through an auction, emphasizing: The government is considering selling it to the free zones if approved.

Regarding American cars in the possession of the Property Organization, Ijtihadi also said that the proposed resolution addresses the issue of technical destruction or pressing of these cars.

The head of the Proprietary Property Organization also said that the customs vehicles in our possession in Bushehr and Hormozgan are in the jurisdiction of the judiciary and they should be sentenced, which may be acquittal or conviction, which will be reported.

One plane remains undecided

In another part of the meeting, the issue of wagons and planes that are said to be in the ownership of the property organization was raised, and Ijtihad explained that there are wagons in one of the warehouses in West Azerbaijan province that have meetings with the judiciary to resolve obstacles to their transfer. Was held and will finally be provided to the importing company in July this year.

In any case, we can not hand over these wagons to an individual or a company, and it was decided that they would be handed over to the owner of the goods under certain conditions.

He also said that in the case of the plane that is in the warehouses of Khorasan Razavi, due to problems and issues that I can not announce, its task is not clear at the moment.

Doesn’t anyone take our collars that we exported contaminated corn?

But in part of this meeting, the story of contaminated corn that had entered the port of Imam (ra) since 1390 occurred. In the last two years, it has been announced that due to the impossibility of use inside the country and the discrepancies with the Iranian standard, it will be assigned to countries that comply with their standards, under certain conditions.

A reporter asked the head of the Property Organization whether the re-export of contaminated corn would cause the receiving country to notice and grab our collars. He also asked why the Minister of Economy fired a person related to contaminated corn.

The head of the Tamlik Property Organization said that these corns were about 127,000 tons, of which 100,000 tons have been exported so far. Of course, the conditions were not such that we wanted to send contaminated and unusable corn to the exporting country. However, some countries requested the purchase depending on the type of application it had for them.

We also did not make secret re-exports. In any case, we could not consume inside because of the standards, so it was exported to a country that could be used, and no one was going to come and grab our collars.

He also explained about the dismissal of the person related to the assignment of contaminated corn, that it is true that we had a farewell ceremony for him, but his contract was facing many problems, and in the end, such a decision was made.

309 billion tomans of medicine were destroyed

He also raised the issue of the destruction of drugs in the possession of the Proprietary Property Organization, and he explained that most of the goods that are destroyed are related to food, beverages, cosmetics and, of course, medicine. Due to the fact that it is not possible to re-supply the drug under any circumstances and the Food and Drug Administration does not issue a license, it will eventually be destroyed.

According to him, about 309 billion tomans of medicine has been destroyed this year, which has increased by 39%.

Trouble supplying smuggled goods on the stock exchange

However, the head of the Proprietary Property Organization also explained about the offering of the organization’s property, which was to be done on the stock exchange, and said that this issue is on the agenda with the promulgation of the law amending the law against smuggling of goods and currency.

Accordingly, the priority should be the sale of the property owned by the stock exchange, for this purpose, the preparations were prepared and the procedure was formulated and approved. Meetings were held at the Ministry of Economy and brokers were elected.

He added that some goods are offered on a trial basis in the commodity exchange: “But due to the fact that these goods are smuggled, they do not have after-sales service and face some issues to be offered in the exchange.” So far, they have not received specific feedback.

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