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We have not had many casualties in student camps – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr correspondent, a press conference was held this evening by Hossein Ebadati, the deputy head of the student organization.

Asked what plans for employment and entrepreneurship have been seen in students, Ebadati said: “In student businesses, we have relied on activities based on digital capabilities and we will have the necessary investments for that.” Of course, in the next steps, we will enter the physical business, but in today’s era, where digital technologies are the most important manifestation, we must rely on digital businesses.

In response to a question from a Mehr reporter, what was his plan for achieving educational justice and cooperating with the Educational Justice Camp? You areSaid: We for example the 1300 Knowledge Camp Learn We will have nomads in the coming weeks, but I will not associate too much with grandiose names. Attractive names can be easily generated. We have had many of these names. What matters is the table and reality. The importance of our work in completing the semi-camps کاره Such as Hormoz Island camp or Ashuradeh Is. Especially in deprived areas, we try to have semi-camps کاره To complete.

Ebadati’s duties in fulfilling the document of fundamental change said: “According to what is stated in the articles of association, we are responsible for social education, but I do not believe in these divisions.” All areas of education are interrelated. For example, in the Sabalan climbing camp, we plan to focus on social and religious education programs. I believe that if we separate the educational fields, we have made a mistake.

“We have neglected capacities such as forest climbing and mountaineering,” he said. “Educational and scientific training has been seen in these capacities and camps.” For example, we have astronomy courses in camps Desert tourism we have considered.

Worship in answer to the question of how much knowledge Learn Injured in student camps اند “The media should help us in this,” he said. We have had many casualties in the camps, but they are often overlooked in the media and among the people. Is it possible to prevent an accident in general? Certainly not, but the proportion of the injured is knowledgeable Learn Compare the number of student camps with the proportion of injured family members on family trips The number of injured students in student camps has not been high.

The deputy head of the student organization, stating that in any case we can be the arbiter of the Ministry of Education, continued: The student organization is ready to provide services in free food and school services. If the Ministry of Education asks us, we are ready to help the education institution.

He said that 130,000 instructors are active in the student organization and Pishtazan organization: 60,000 knowledge reporters Learn Has attended journalism courses in this organization اند And now about 4,000 of them work with us part-time.

Ebadati, stating that our main activities are to acquire social skills among students, said: “Modern Islamic civilization is made by human beings who have learned Islamic human biology.” اند. We are not saying that we have the ability to educate such people, but we can definitely say that the capacity to educate such people is available only in the student organization.

He stated: The activity of the student camps will be from July 1 to the end of August for 8 weeks. Part of the costs will be covered by us and the other part will be paid by the families.

The deputy head of the student organization announced the central project of the student organization as project 313 and said: in 313 cities of the country, at least one of the scientific honors of that city will be considered by students and a competition between students of that city to show the model of their city Will be formed. The 313th Congress in its final exhibition is scheduled to be held in 313 booths in March in Tehran’s prayer hall, which represents our national identity with national patterns.

Ebadati stated that we do not insist on an artistic format for students to participate in Project 313: There are different formats such as poetry, writing, film and the like. However, some myths and patterns may have existed in the past centuries that it is natural not to have a film and a photo of them, but a scientific model in a city may be a model of the present age from which there is a film and a photo.

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