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What happened in the last meeting of the social camp in Tehran?

According to the Fars News Agency’s urban group, the 24th meeting of the Tehran Social Camp was held this morning in the presence of representatives of the responsible agencies in the field of social harms.

At the beginning of this meeting, the latest status of the approvals of the 23rd meeting of the social headquarters of Tehran was reviewed.

Issuance of operating license for Article 16 centers in Yavarshahr 4 and 5, preparation and delivery of Yavorshahr center 4 (women), 3-month extension of operating license for Article 16, 1, 2 and 3 centers, purchase and delivery of iris and camera in screening centers, hothouses Article 16 and Radiation Centers of Tehran Municipality and supply of medicine required for hothouses, facilities and Article 16 centers of Tehran Municipality were part of the approvals of the 23rd session of Tehran Social Injury Camp, the latest status of which was examined.

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