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What is the difference between virtual and dedicated server?

Buying a virtual server or buying a dedicated server are two ways that you have to do for the hosting department if you plan to start a website for yourself. Of course, there are other solutions, but these two mentioned are the main examples that any person can choose.

For those people who are not sure whether they should buy a dedicated server or a virtual server, we must say that each of them has advantages over the other and it is you who should choose one of them according to your needs.
In this article, we are going to examine the advantages and disadvantages of buying a virtual server and buying a dedicated server, and finally it is you who should decide which one is better for you; So stay with us.

What is a dedicated server?

As the name suggests, by purchasing a dedicated server, you can have a complete physical server for storing and performing the computing tasks of your websites. Since you don’t have to share your server resources with other people, you will experience better performance and higher security.

Buying a dedicated server makes sense when you need to manage a large amount of traffic on your website on a daily basis. Also, if high security is your priority in choosing a server to host your website on, we suggest you use dedicated servers.

Advantages of buying a dedicated server

1. Resources and performance: If the raw performance of the server, i.e. processing power, full use of the main processor, GPU, RAM and storage memory is of great importance to you, you should definitely go for a dedicated server.
2. Security: If one of the customers faces the risk of information being disclosed on the virtual server, other customers will probably face the same problem; But since each dedicated server will be dedicated to only one customer, such problems will not occur.
3. Customization: By purchasing a dedicated server, you can experience the greatest degree of flexibility in choosing the server configuration and even changing it.
4. Management: If you decide to buy a dedicated server for your website, you can be sure that dedicated engineers and technicians will take care of your server.

Disadvantages of buying a dedicated server

1. Cost: Since by purchasing a dedicated server, an entire physical server will be assigned to you, the cost of using these services is higher than usual.
2. Complexity of use: dedicated servers are relatively complex and require sufficient technical knowledge to use. Most of the users do not have such technical knowledge and therefore either go to buy a virtual server or pay more for the help of a professional.

What is a virtual server?

By purchasing a virtual server, you will get something that is somewhere between a dedicated server and a shared server.
For those people who do not know what a shared server is, we must say that the company providing this style of service provides a server to a wide range of users without any specific boundaries.

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virtual serverUnlike dedicated and shared servers, a virtual server hosts several clients on one server and uses virtualization technology to divide physical servers into several virtual servers.
Although users will benefit from a shared physical server by purchasing a virtual server, it is just as if each of them has a dedicated server. Each virtual server user will receive a part of the main server’s resources and does not have to share it with other people.

Advantages of buying a virtual server

1. Setup: Since companies build a dedicated server based on the needs of their customers, the setup process will be relatively longer; But the nature of virtual servers is that users can easily set up the desired server.
2. Cost-effectiveness: unlike the things that buying a dedicated server will bring you in terms of cost, users who buy a virtual server will benefit from the same hardware; So the operating cost is divided between them.
3. Control: By purchasing a virtual server, you will be given the ability to install a program on your server and restart it whenever you want.

Disadvantages of buying a virtual server

1. Configuration: Virtual servers will give you a lot of flexibility in configuration, but you will have limitations in terms of storage and RAM memory allocation. You will not be able to install large software packages on your virtual server.
2. Security: Because multiple users use a physical server, security breaches in other areas can be dangerous for your virtual server as well.

What is the difference between a virtual server and a dedicated server? Which one is best for your business?

Buying a virtual server is reasonable for those users who have a large product and a large number of users use it daily. If your website traffic is high, you have a high financial transaction, you need to make large multimedia files available to your users, or if you need to upgrade your servers in the future, you should turn to Buy a dedicated server go.
Types of servers

Also, to use the full power of a dedicated server, you have to pay for its maintenance, which usually starts at $100 per month and in some cases reaches $600.
So, the main difference between a virtual server and a dedicated one at the time of purchase is the type of your business. Buy a virtual server It is usually recommended for those users who have small or medium businesses. If you have just started your business and your users are constantly growing, buying a virtual server will be the best solution for you.


Finding the right server to launch a website is a complicated and rather difficult process. There are a wide range of options in the market, and it is likely to confuse you. When deciding on this issue, you should pay attention to the difference between dedicated and virtual server and choose one of them according to your business.

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