What makes the stock market positive this week?

According to Tejarat News, Exchange It fell less than one percent last week. After the dollar, the Tehran Stock Exchange had the lowest weekly decline.

Every day different news affects the capital market, today we review the influential news on the market.

Prices for zinc, Persian Gulf urea phobia, aluminum and oil have reached their highest levels in recent months. This price increase could boost petrochemical, refining, petroleum and base metals stocks in the long run.

Rafael Grossi, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, wrote on Twitter last night: “I am traveling to Tehran today to meet with Iranian officials tomorrow to address the remaining important questions. “This is a critical time, but it is possible for everyone to achieve a positive result.”

Today, Saturday, Grossi arrives in Tehran. Experts say the trip is a positive signal for negotiations and we expect an agreement by the end of the year.

Of course, Ali Bagheri stayed in Vienna. The Vienna Agreement awaits the political decision of the Western parties. (IRNA)

Many experts say that the war between Russia and Ukraine is in the interest of the stock market. The two countries are the largest suppliers of oil and gas, and this war has pushed oil prices to around $ 120.

Will the stock market rise?

Ali Assari, a capital market expert, told Tejarat News that the market situation will be better than last week.

Borzoo Haghshenas, Mohammad Khabarizad, Iman Raisi, Ali Assari and Javad Fallahian are the experts who predict that the overall stock market index will turn green this week.

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According to this news and the comments of experts, it seems that the stock market will take a balanced-upward trend next week.

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