When will justice dividends be paid? / Who will receive the dividend?

According to Tejarat News, in March of 1400, justice dividends were paid in the first stage for some justice stock holders. But some were left with no profit. These people did not receive their profit due to their invalid night number and blocked bank account, stagnant, joint (two signatures), currency and long-term. After May, some others’ interest was paid by completing the information, and again, the Central Depository Company has given another opportunity to complete the information and pay interest.

According to Mahmoud Hassanlou, deputy director of technology and innovation development of the Central Depository Company, the interest of the survivors is scheduled to be paid by mid-July.

Justice dividends are paid in several stages, but some have not yet received their dividends. The Central Depository Company has again given a deadline to complete the information of these people.

Mehdi Nemati, the public relations officer of the depository company, recently told Tejarat News that we will have several installments of justice dividends this year.

As a result, shareholders who have not received a profit by completing their information do not worry and this interest will be paid soon.

When will justice dividends be paid?

Mahmoud Hassanlou, Vice President of Technology and Innovation Development of the Central Depository Company, stated that so far two stages of paying dividends to the remnants of justice shares have been done. Received their annuals in 1398 and 1399.

He stated that about one million and 800 thousand shareholders of justice stocks are still facing the problem of valid banking night, he said: invalid night bank number, blocked bank account, stagnant, joint (two signatures), currency and long-term are the most important reasons that have caused So that dividends are not credited to their accounts.

Hasanloo said about the justice shareholders who have not yet corrected their valid bank account number: “These people can register and authenticate themselves by referring to the comprehensive customer information system (SJAM).” To be in the process of future payments of the Central Depository Company.

“We hope that the shareholders will solve the problem of their valid bank account number as soon as possible,” said Samat, Deputy Minister of Technology and Innovation Development. Until then, the company will be able to pay the profits of 1398 and 1399 by mid-July this year. (Senate)

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