Which tenants can not get a mortgage loan?

According to Tejarat News, registration Mortgage loan It started last week. The loan was supposed to allow tenants to use a 40 to 100 million mortgage loan. But now studies show that single people can not get this loan.

Three groups of tenants were to receive mortgages. The first group is married or heads of households, the second group is self-employed women who are separated from their husbands, and the third group is single girls over the age of 35 who live alone.

Who can not borrow?

but in Terms of registration of mortgage loan There are no options for single men – over 35 or younger – and for single girls under 35, and these two groups can not apply for a mortgage.

This restriction and ban on registering mortgages for these two groups while many single men and women live in other cities and apart from the family.

The independent lives of student girls and boys have increased, especially in the days of the Corona outbreak. The reopening of the universities took place at a time when many dormitories are still inactive and students have been forced to rent houses in Tehran and other cities to attend university classes.

On the one hand, the rent of housing has increased, and on the other hand, these people do not have the opportunity to use the dormitory and the mortgage loan.

In other words, it seems that the policymaker has ignored the two groups in determining the priority and possibility of registering the tenants. While renting a house is problematic for both groups, such as rented households.

Reports show when single people register for a mortgage loan They come and find out that they can not register to receive these facilities and there is no option for these people and single girls and boys who have left their city and their parents’ house for work or study in another city and move to another city. They are working or studying or both, they are not eligible for this loan.

Who gets a mortgage loan?

People who want to get a mortgage must meet some important conditions:

1- The loan applicant must be married or the head of the family.

2- The loan applicant should not have a house and the family form C should be green.

3- The applicant must have a lease with a tracking code.

4- The date of the lease must be at the latest by the end of the mortgage registration period.

5- Single women who live apart from their families and are over 35 years old can receive a deposit loan.

6. Men who used to be the head of the household, but are now single due to divorce or the death of a single spouse, are eligible for a mortgage.

However, the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development has announced that tenants who have not yet received a mortgage loan will be given priority.

The loan will be repaid to the applicants at the interest rate approved by the Monetary and Credit Council (18%) and the repayment period is 5 years. Estimates show that borrowers have to pay monthly installments of 2 million and 500 thousand tomans.

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