Who is not eligible for a child loan?

According to Trade News, applicants Childbearing loan They can take a loan of 20 million Tomans for each child. In other words, for the first, second, third and fourth child, 20, 40, 60 and 80 million Tomans, respectively Mortgage loan Paid. In the meantime, families with five or more children are also subject to a loan of 100 million Tomans.

According to a parliamentary resolution, banks must check the credit of the person applying for the loan. If the person’s credit is confirmed, the bank is obliged to pay by obtaining a promissory note or a valid guarantor Childbearing loan Is.

In other words, the applicants can borrow up to 100 million Tomans with only one promissory note or a guarantor. Of course, provided that they have five or more children and, of course, the bank approves the person’s credit.

But some Tejarat News users reported a strange condition for receiving the loan. Some applicants say they encounter this message when registering: “According to the Statistics Center, the fertility rate in the city where the father was born is 2.61 and the fertility rate in the city where the child was born is 2.61. According to a law passed by the parliament, Qarz al-Hasna childbearing facilities are granted only to children who Fertility rate “The city of birth of both father and child is less than 2.5.” This is an issue that many users see as the only excuse for not repaying loans to families.

Childbirth loan not announced?

Tejarat News reported on this condition of the child loan. You can read the comments of some audiences about this below.

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“I registered on the site. The tracking code also came. Write 12 working days. I went to the bank. The head of the bank and his employees are laughing. They say which loan? “We also do not have communications.”

“I registered, it says it does not belong to those born in 1399.”

“If you are looking to increase the population and hate this plan, then why does Sistan-Baluchestan not belong?”

“I registered. You are not eligible for a loan when you register with your fertility rate above 2.5. “But in the paper I printed, the fertility rate is 2.8 or we are included.”

“What did the person who made this plan think that he would not come to Qom?” Do not go to Tehran. I registered for National Housing. I am a tenant. “I mortgaged 30 tomans for a house and I will not be able to get a house with 3 children.”

“If you pay attention, the childbearing rate is usually high in deprived cities. This is a rent that wants to reach the people of prosperous cities, not deprived areas. “If it is to be encouraged, it should be for the whole community, not specific cities.”

“Hello, this is like an exemption for married soldiers over 30 years old. First they approve, they give hope to the people. “Then they throw people under it and disappoint people.”

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