Who is to blame for the inflammation of the housing market? / The 40-fold increase in real estate firms

According to Tejaratnews, registering mostly unrealistic housing ads with astronomical prices with the aim of inducing price growth, buying housing from people in urgent financial need and selling it at a much higher price, and just some of the tricks of these seemingly consulting brokers in the turbulent housing market. Earn huge profits.

IRNA He wrote that Iran’s economy has been suffering from high inflation and fluctuations for decades. The main reasons for this inflation have been the unbridled growth of money and liquidity, as well as financial imbalances, especially the government’s financial imbalances. These factors, along with other factors, have turned high inflation into a chronic disease in the country’s economy that no government has so far managed to cure.

The rapid rise in prices due to high inflation, along with some other factors, including the lack of market monitoring mechanisms, has created and intensified the challenge of “false pricing” in various markets. The full manifestation of this problem can be clearly seen in the housing market.

Brokers in the coverage of real estate consultants

One of the strange things about the housing market is the exponential growth in the number of real estate firms, despite the sharp decline in people’s purchasing power and, consequently, the number of real estate transactions. The 40-fold increase in the number of registered real estate companies over the past 30 years, despite the noticeable decline in the purchasing power of the people, raises the mystery of how these companies continue to survive. This puzzle, of course, can be easily solved by looking at the housing market and the activities of entrepreneurs in this market.

The direct entry of entrepreneurs into the market in the role of brokers with the aim of making big profits is their most important motivation for working in the real estate consulting profession, and of course, it is the only reason for the rapid growth of these firms in recent years.

With the exception of a handful of entrepreneurs who do not contaminate themselves with speculation and false pricing, and who are generally experienced in the profession, a significant portion of entrepreneurs now play the role of broker in the housing market.

Posting mostly unrealistic housing ads at astronomical prices with the aim of inducing price growth, buying housing from people in urgent financial need and selling it at a much higher price are just some of the tricks of these seemingly consulting brokers in the turbulent housing market to make huge profits. .

Housing brokers misuse sales files

One of the most attractive advantages of entering the real estate consulting profession is the misuse of rent information for the purchase and sale of residential units. In fact, by opening a real estate business and becoming a point of reference for buyers, especially real estate sellers, these people take advantage of the ads gathered in the company and buy units that have the capacity to increase prices and then sell these units at a higher price. They sell.

In fact, the purpose of these brokers in acting as a real estate consultant is to prioritize the purchase of cheaper units and to achieve large profits from the sale of these units to buyers. In such a situation, sellers and buyers of housing become more than anything the prey of speculators for profit.

Unsupervised market and speculators

At a time when buying and even renting housing has become difficult and even impossible for many people in recent years, the Golan, without the restrictions of brokers under the guise of real estate consultants, is causing severe turmoil in the housing market.

In such a situation, the right policies such as the growth of housing construction, the imposition of regulatory taxes such as the tax on recurring transactions, vacant houses and اقدام although necessary measures, but due to their time-consuming effect, are not sufficient for chaotic management of the housing market. Therefore, applying accurate and online monitoring of the housing market can greatly reduce the inflammation in this market and prevent speculators from moving.

The negligence of the managers of the internet advertisement sites in registering the identities of the advertisers and using this database to identify the brokers has provided the space for these traders to move and the housing market to become more inflamed.

Therefore, it is necessary for the responsible institutions in one, in cooperation with online advertisement registration sites, to refine the housing market from the presence of brokers so that people do not have more problems in providing shelter.

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