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Why do some people resort to eating when they are angry and stressed?

Life group: One of the problems that people cite as the cause of their obesity is anorexia or bulimia nervosa. That is, when they find themselves in a situation where they are somehow overwhelmed with anger or fear, they suddenly, with or without feeling weak, go to the refrigerator, shop, drawer, and in short, anywhere. The process of being able to access food. These people also suffer from simultaneous nervous isolation. For example, when a family member realizes that when returning from a trip due to their own mistake or that of the ticket issuer, the return ticket is also issued in the form of a trip, ie the origin is mentioned as the destination and they are all confused. They run a family member who suffers from anorexia nervosa, sits in a corner and starts eating to the point where he may even be questioned and blamed by others. The fact is that this person does not eat at all out of enthusiasm and pleasure in such a campaign, but it is a nervous reaction to the intense anxiety that he lost at that moment, but why? This scientific behavior, which is considered annoying by many, and if the stressful conditions in a person’s life continue, can easily provide the ground for his obesity, with what scientific logic and reason can it be understood and accepted?

Experts have found in experiments that when a person is stressed, his body releases “adrenaline”. This causes the heart rate to rise and blood pressure to rise, which in turn produces energy and heat from glucose fuel. After going through this stage and going through this issue, the body releases amounts of “cortisol” for balance, which is the main appetite suppressant and stimulant. Therefore, when this person starts eating or snacking in conditions of collective anger and rage or anxiety, it means that his blood cortisol level has risen and it is better to understand him in those conditions. Also, to control this condition, one can use the trick of eating slowly and chewing it a lot or substituting drinking water. A few deep breaths, a little walk, or a change of mood from nervous tension to laughter and conversation can protect her from secondary risks as well as recurrence of the habit and obesity complication. Also, if you are at home in such a situation, drinking soothing teas such as ox-tongue flowers, lavender and chamomile can help and soothe the body. Note that a person with bulimia nervosa eats fast, eats fast, speaks fast and at the same time, has a flushed face, and hands that are usually frozen, and even a shivering state of extreme hunger and lethargy can be seen in them. Sight. In the future, these people will be prone to diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and mental and digestive problems if they do not become aware of their condition in time and do not take the necessary and useful action to manage this unwanted habit and nervous reaction. One of these complications of reflux and heartburn is also nervous hiccups. A person in this situation can manage this complication by relieving themselves in the ways described above. He also takes seriously the fact that as the tension and anger continue, the amount of adrenaline released, followed by cortisol in his body, increases and the situation becomes more difficult.

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