Will the stock exchange replace real estate and cars?

According to Tejarat News, a capital market analyst believes that due to the price increase in all commodities, people with small savings can not invest in real estate or cars, and investment options are limited to bank deposits, gold and stocks. Has been. So the liquidity that exists in society comes to the stock market.

Walid Helalat in conversation with ایسناReferring to the trend of the whole index Exchange Over the past two years stated: The total index Exchange In September of the previous year, it reached the border of 1.6 million units and then fell in four stages and in four periods.

At the beginning of February last year, it reached 1.2 million units. From the beginning of February, with the occurrence of some changes in global markets and domestic interest rates, as well as the completion of budget risks, hopes were created and caused the market to rise to the range of 1.6 million units.

He continued: “Almost from May 1399 until now, that is, after two years, the total index is still in the range of 1.5 million units.” That is, it is approximately four to five times that, despite the change of variables and index conditions, it sees this number either in the direction of decline or fall.

Stock market uptrend in the medium term

The capital market analyst added: “The point is that given the inflation that exists and the dividend distribution that is included in the total index, how long it takes, even though the total index remains in the previous numbers, but the risk is lower.” Is.

Because part of the prices have been adjusted and inflation has increased the companies’ income. On the other hand, some industries were able to strengthen their production with development plans. Of course, the production and income of some listed companies have also decreased due to gas and electricity cuts.

Helalat stated that it can take an ascending step in the short term Exchange “If the assumptions are as they are, that is, interest rates and world prices are the same, the market could be up in the medium term, but significant growth is unlikely,” he said. The political risks of the situation and the exchange rate could have a major impact on the stock market in the coming months.

Investigating the impact of exchange rates on the stock market

He spoke about the impact of the exchange rate on Exchange He stated: If it is predicted that the exchange rate is going to remain stable in the upper range, it is likely that part of the community’s Rial resources will go to Exchange Let there be. Another issue that supports the stock market is the rules that are included in the budget.

The tax on legal deposits has led legalists who had resources in bank deposits to either buy shares directly with those sources or to bring some of their money into the stock market indirectly by bringing those resources into fixed income funds.

Emphasizing that legal entities have recently become more active, the capital market analyst said: “The difference between legal activities and the past is that they now operate in the market willingly.”

While examining other financial markets of the country, Helalat said: “Due to the price increase in all goods, people with small savings can not invest in real estate or cars, and investment options are limited to bank deposits, gold and stocks.” . So the liquidity that exists in society comes to the stock market.

He said that the upward trend in the market will be stable, in other words, unlike before, the index will not return to the range of one million and 100 or 200 thousand units. It should be said that at the moment, the market is more inclined to symbols whose markets are medium and small, so there is less government intervention and order in them, but they are also profitable.

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