Zero percent progress of the national campus housing project in the last 6 months! – Tejarat News

According to Tejarat News, about 7,900 units of the National Housing Movement are going to be built in the new city of Pardis. The project of 2043 units with the participation of Maskan Bank, 2822 units by cooperatives in the first step and 3050 units by cooperatives in the second step is the total number of units under construction in the campus.

In the middle of June this year, ISNA published the first pictures of the 2043-unit campus project that started at the end of 2019. At that time, the director of the National Campus Housing Movement Project stated that the progress of the project in the preparation section was about 40% and the blocks at 32%. Blocks have reached 40 percent progress, he said.

Even now, after more than six months, Ebrahim Nazarinia, the chairman of the board of directors of Omran Shahr Jadid Pardis, told the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development news website that 2043 units were under construction in the partnership of Omran Shahr Jadid Pardis and Maskan Bank since 2019. It has been established that the physical progress of these units in construction and preparation is 40%.

According to him, it is planned to complete and hand over 200 units of the National Housing Movement Project to the applicants by the end of the year.

On the 19th of December this year, the news came that the head of Imran Pardis Company was arrested on suspicion of financial and administrative violations and his office was sealed. while only seven months had passed since his responsibility in this city.

Of course, in the first reaction, the CEO of the new cities Imran company supported the arrested manager of Imran Pardis.

Alireza Jafari said that I will defend my collection until the possible violation is confirmed and proven in court.

The slow process of building the national housing project

Investigations show that the implementation of Mehr Housing, National Housing and National Housing Movement projects, which have now been merged with each other, is very slow and in some cases the plans have been stopped. It is not about yesterday or today. At the time of the arrested CEO, many applicants complained about the lack of work and the lack of progress in half-finished blocks.

On the other hand, the severe lack of per capita services, cultural and education such as schools, clinics, mosques, police stations, commercial complexes and many other requirements of urban life in the campus, make the residents suffer.

Although the head of the campus construction management board considers the completion and delivery of residential units dependent on the participation and payment of the applicants, some applicants in the campus say that the weak management is one of the reasons for the stalling of the projects.

Source: ISNA

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