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14 million people have not been vaccinated at all! / 82% of people have received the first and second doses

According to the Fars News Agency health reporter, Abbas Shiravgen, Spokesman for the National Headquarters for Counter coronavirus In the news section 21 tonight referring to the favorable situation Corona The country stated: In these two years and 100 days, we had very worrying conditions; So that at the end of February 1998, a lot of worries were created and there was a worrying atmosphere.

He referred to the different stages of 6 waves coronavirus “In these periods, we have faced a large number of cases and deaths,” he said. So that in the delta wave we were facing 700 casualties every day and there was a lot of concern; So that the economic and social situation of the society was facing problems.

Spokesman for the National Headquarters for Counter coronavirus He added: “In the Emkiron wave, although the virus was more contagious, we had a short time in this wave, and the maximum wave in this country lasted two months, and the number of deaths reached 240 to 250 people per day, which of course compared to other waves, the death rate and Mir was less.

شیروژن Referring to the favorable situation coronavirus At present, and the significant reduction in the number of deaths in the country, he noted: This is in a situation where 22 countries now have more than 10 feet per day; Yesterday, the United States with 216 feet, Germany with 126 feet, Canada with 122 and Britain with 105 dead were not in a good condition.

Referring to the latest vaccination situation in the country, he noted: 64 million and 500 thousand people have received one dose of vaccine; More than 92% of the target population received the first dose of the vaccine, 57 million people received the second dose, which in total about 82% of the population received the first and second doses of the vaccine. coronavirus Have received.

Spokesman for the National Headquarters for Counter coronavirus Stating that 27 million people have the third dose of the vaccine coronavirus In the country, said: this rate is equal to 34%; We should also note that the majority of students aged 5 to 11 should receive their vaccine.

Shiravogen “About 14 million people in the community have not been vaccinated,” he said.

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