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30,000 Barakat employment plans for special social groups

According to the Fars News Agency’s community group, Mohammad Turkmaneh, CEO of the Barakat Foundation of the Imam Command, announced the implementation of more than 30,000 employment projects for special social groups.

He stated: This year, Barakat Barakat is implementing 30,500 community-based job creation projects for special and vulnerable social groups throughout the country.

The director of the Barakat Foundation of the Executive Headquarters of Farman Imam reminded: These special and vulnerable social groups include women heads of households, colonists, cremators, families of martyrs and martyrs, students and their families, the disabled and families with disabilities, families of school dropouts and people with reverse migration And return to their villages.

Turkmaneh emphasized: the implementation of these 30,500 job creation projects will create 105,000 direct and indirect job opportunities for these special groups and other people.

According to the CEO of Barakat Foundation, the total volume of investment for launching employment projects for special and vulnerable social groups this year is 54,900 billion rials.

Emphasizing the support of the Barakat Foundation for special social groups, he said: “In 1400, the foundation has launched nearly 29,000 employment projects for these groups.”

Turkmaneh stated: 80% of the activities of the Barakat Foundation are focused on economic empowerment, employment and livelihood of the people, and job creation is the main mission of the foundation.

The CEO of Barakat Foundation, presenting statistics on the foundation’s performance in the field of employment, said: To date, 190,000 community-based job creation projects have been implemented in deprived and rural areas of the country, which has led to the creation of nearly 600,000 micro and home job opportunities.

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He added: “Today, the Barakat Foundation’s network of facilitators is in constant contact with 32,000 local officials.”
Turkmaneh emphasized the activities of the Barakat Foundation throughout the country, noting that 12,000 villages and 390 cities in all provinces are covered by the Barakat Foundation’s employment-generating activities.

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