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A story of the kindness of martyr Soleimani/ the fourth chocolate

According to the Fars news agency’s education department, “The Fourth Chocolate” is a real and children’s story about Nahal, the daughter of martyr Mahdi Ghazikhani (a close friend and comrade of martyr Haj Qasim Soleimani), which is presented to the audience of 4-6 years old kindergartens in Shahr-Shokofe. The story card has been produced.

The “Fourth Chocolate” story card was written by Ruqiya Zakari, illustrated by Hajar Salimi Nemin, illustrated by Zainab Jahormi and Faiza Taheri, designed by Sepideh Hossein Javad, narrated by Fatemeh Aghakhani and produced and published by the licensee of Shahr Education Institute.

In part of this card, we read a story: Nahal’s father had a dear friend named Haj Qasim Soleimani, who called Nahal Haj Qasim a kind and gentle uncle. Whenever Haj Qasim came to see Nahal, Nahal’s room was filled with beautiful butterflies that circled around his head.

Those interested can go to the system to download this story card or call 96657500 for more information.

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