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Barakat Foundation supports family businesses and creates 12,000 jobs

According to Fars News Agency’s community group, Mohammad Turkmaneh, CEO of Barakat Foundation, in explaining the foundation’s programs in the field of family businesses, said: “Supporting 2,500 family business projects in the form of small and small workshops is on the agenda for this year. It will directly provide employment for 12,250 people.

He added: “The purpose of this action is to turn micro and home family projects into workshops and develop their business.” Family businesses are projects in which 40% of the members are members of a family or have a relationship.

The CEO of Barakat Foundation, referring to the planned programs in this field for the year 1401, stated: “We have the establishment and support of 2,500 family businesses in this year’s program, of which 1,750 projects in the form of micro-workshops and 750 projects They will be the face of small workshops.

Turkmaneh continued: “Each small workshop directly creates employment for 3 to 5 people and each small workshop for 6 to 10 people directly.”

According to the CEO of the Barakat Foundation, the launch and development of 2,500 family business projects this year will create 12,250 direct job opportunities for job seekers.

Turkmaneh pointed out: “Barakat Foundation last year, by supporting one thousand family business projects, in addition to helping them grow their business, has provided employment opportunities for 4,900 people.”

He explained how the Barakat Foundation supports family businesses: The main help of the foundation is in the field of creating, establishing and growing these types of businesses. The facilities allocated to each project by the Barakat Foundation are 3 billion and 750 million Rials, and the total investment brought by the applicant reaches 7 billion and 300 million Rials. Most of the contributions to these projects are provided by the constituent members.

The CEO of Barakat Foundation emphasized: With the establishment of Barakat Business Clinic in the near future, the conversion of family business plans into a workshop will be done systematically.
Turkmaneh added: “Starting and supporting family businesses started last year throughout the country and will continue this year.”

He reminded that family businesses are mostly active in the field of processing agricultural products and areas related to handicrafts.

The CEO of Barakat Foundation said about how family businesses enjoy the support of this foundation: Those who are interested can register their project in the workshop and family businesses section by referring to the Barakat Foundation application at The facilitators of the foundation will refer to the applicants after the initial review and qualification of the projects.

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