Construction of the first model neighborhood in the capital with the participation of the Housing Foundation

According to Fars news agency, Mehdi Hedayat said in this regard: In line with the implementation of the law on organizing and supporting the production and supply of housing (approved 2007) and the law on the jump in housing production (approved 1400) and the approval of the social housing plan of the Council of Ministers (2015) and The approach of Tehran municipality to cooperate with the government in providing housing, with the aim of creating suitable conditions, laying the groundwork and facilitating the process of all urban households having residential units within their means, a joint cooperation agreement between Tehran Municipality and the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation was signed.

The CEO of Tehran City Renovation Organization stated that the purpose of concluding this memorandum is to build a model neighborhood with the provision of all required services, stating: participation and cooperation in the construction of the first model neighborhood in Tehran, including various residential units, preparation, grounds Construction of religious, educational, therapeutic, cultural, sports, entertainment-leisure, commercial spaces and provision of high-quality green space and streets in the lands owned by the municipality is on the agenda of the municipality and the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation.

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